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Transparency Please

Monday, May 16, 2016
posted by Eric Andersen

roberts 2If one desires to be a “tax and spend” Republican so be it, but own it.

transparent adjective |trans-par-ent, able to be seen through, easy to notice or understand, honest and open: not secretive.

On Friday the SANDAG board met to draft ballot language for their sales tax increase. The draft ballot argument reads as follows…



Shall an ordinance be adopted to:

  • Repair roads
  • Relieve freeway congestion
  • Provide … funds to repair potholes…
  • Expand public transportation

Happy SANDAG Tax & Spend Republican Day

Friday, April 29, 2016
posted by Brian Brady

It looks like the SANDAG Board of Directors will vote to approve the SANDAG Sky Gondola Tax for a public vote today.  The anticipated scorecard should look like this:

City of San Diego: Faulconer (R) NO, Gloria (D) YES
County of San Diego: Roberts (T&SR) YES, Jacob (R) NO – Horn voted NO, with Jacob absent.

That cancels out the big dogs in SANDAG and leaves the vote to the cities:


Just in time could be my life’s mantra. I am reminded by Thor’s Assistant that no Official Drinking Game has been devised for tonight’s epic 17th annual San Diego County Taxpayers Golden Fleece and Watchdog Awards.

Calling Ms. Tipit to the rescue.

DISCLAIMER: In this litigious, risk-averse society, we must pause here to admonish anyone reading this column that it is strictly for entertainment purposes ONLY. Please drink responsibly if at all. Please do not be a dunderhead and drink and tweet/post/drive, or you will be the next person we write about on Rostra and it won’t be pretty.


Kevin Faulconer set the tone last night, telling a crowd of civic leaders, “This is not about Republicans and Democrats.  This is about what is good for San Diego neighborhoods.”  Faulconer gestured to a chart showing that, if left unchanged, local residents will one day pay $500 million-a-year for a “defined benefit” pension system. “If we act now, we can save $1 to $2 Billion in the next 25 years, and that will go instead to libraries, parks  & recreation, repairing roads and public safety.”   Carl DeMaio pinpointed a 65% rise in local water rates since 2007, and said “Pension Costs are fully charged into those stunning increases.”  Noting harassment of reform petitioners at local shopping centers, Mayor Jerry Sanders got laughs saying,  “I’m actually ‘proud’  of the people doing that because it means they’ve finally gotten off their #$%*&+#* and done something.”  (A helicopter passed overhead at this moment, and I could not make out just what the word  #$%*&+#* was.)  The Lincoln Club’s  T.J. Zane emphasized polling shows 70%  public support to end abuses like “pension spiking”.


Do I know what will drive Rostra reader traffic, or what?

While Mrs. Seal hasn’t technically made any direct comment, her admonition to contestants on her reality show “Project Runway” applies nicely. As in fashion, in politics one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.

In a few short days on June 5 when fundraising can begin, all our speculation will be verified as to who’s actually in the race and who’s out. Those of us with additional speculating to do need to get cracking.


San Diego Watchdogging

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
posted by B-Daddy

Dave Maass, at CityBeat, gets in on the local watchdog action with his report of how County Supervisor Ron Roberts and Carlsbad City Councilwoman Ann Kulchin treat the San Diego Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies (SAFE) like their own personal slush fund. (My words, not Dave’s). The fund was established in the 1990s to build out and maintain the system of freeway call boxes through a $1 vehicle tax. Of course, since the call box system is fully built and maintenance is low, the excess monies should be returned to the taxpayers. Sure it is, not. Here are the money paragraphs, literally.


Three Types of Lies

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pollster John Nienstedt’s discussion on polling and the reasons polls fail to accurately gauge voter behavior (and what polls can and CANNOT do) has been a hit on the post-election poliwonk social circuit. Among the topics on tap, Nienstedt has provided his insight on the variance in results among the polls conducted over the past few months on Prop D, the recently defeated sales tax initiative.

John generously provided his slide on Prop D so we could share it with Rostra readers. Who says number crunchers are dull?

Competitive Edge Prop D Slide

Prop D Polls - "What, Me Worry?"


TONIGHT: Post-Election Analysis with Consultant Hoy, Pollster Nienstedt

Monday, November 8, 2010
posted by Erica Holloway

I’m not exactly the most devoted GOP meeting attendee. But I’ll be there tonight to hear the recap of the wildly dead-on pollster John Nienstedt and Nov. 2 success-story consultant John Hoy.

I had the honor of working with both men on Proposition A – which crossed the finish line easily with more than 70 percent of the vote. Conversely on the difficulty scale, Hoy also consulted the hard-won race for Councilwoman-Elect Lorie Zapf.

Last month, I heard Nienstedt give some quick, off-the-cuff predictions that were eerily correct virtually across the board from the governor race on down to Proposition D.


End Run, Touchdown!

Friday, October 8, 2010
posted by Erica Holloway

The quarterback gives the play in the huddle. Just after the snap, the defenders push to the center and the quarterback gets plowed from the side. The reason: the line decided to go with another play.

In case you’re wondering, the public is the quarterback in this end run on the tax cap increase for the Centre City Development Corp. By passing the cap increase through a state bill, proponents avoided the slower, publicly-involved vetting.

Bad governance.

Due process in government should occur in public with all the requisite scrutiny. The public is not a nuisance to be sidestepped.

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Yes on Prop A Endorsements Piling Up

Wednesday, October 6, 2010
posted by Erica Holloway

Strong Key Support Backs Local Jobs for Local Workers

The list of endorsements continues to grow for Proposition A as the San Diego County Taxpayers Association and North County Times editorial staff backed the ballot measure for local construction jobs.

The passage of Proposition A on November 2 would enact a charter amendment at the County of San Diego prohibiting Project Labor Agreements, or pre-hire agreements with unions that force nonunion workers to comply with union rules in order to work on public works projects.

San Diego County Supervisors supporting the measure include: Chairwoman Pam Slater-Price, Vice Chairman Bill Horn, and Supervisors Dianne Jacob and Ron Roberts.

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The Greatest Story Ever Told, Almost

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
posted by Sunshine

This is a bit lengthy, but worth it…

Let’s start with the biggest, and perhaps least exciting, races for the county (state races to follow tomorrow). In the 50th Dem Primary Francine Busby was selected as the Democrat nominee to lose to Brian Bilbray once more. I don’t think Busby was celebrating her victory, I searched for police reports and couldn’t find any so I guess she called it an early night.

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This election season, all eyes have turned towards the re-election contest of County Supervisor Ron Roberts, who is facing off against challengers Stephen Whitburn, Shelia Jackson, Juan del Rio and Margaret Moody in the seemingly competitive 4th Supervisorial District. As of May 27, the County Registrar of Voters counted 127,658 Democrats, 67,528 Republicans, and 66,554 Decline to State voters in Robert’s district, which stretches from the UTC area to Paradise Hills. Though the 4th District voted 67.7 percent in favor of Barack Obama in 2008, and Republican voters only comprise 24.6 percent of the district electorate, my voter data analysis shows that Roberts is still heavily favored to win outright this Election Day.


To a political nerd, such as myself, there is nothing quite as exciting as going to the mailbox during election season and examining the day’s collection of glossy double-sided political mailers. Since I am new to California and thus a recently registered voter, I was not expecting to receive much mail this election cycle. However, my name and address apparently made it on to various distribution lists as my mailbox has been overflowing with these direct marketing campaigns.


The Lincoln Club of San Diego County has posted its complete list of ballot recommendations.  If you’re a new reader or need a little refresher, the Lincoln Club is a fiscally conservative organization dedicated to the goal of advancing free market principles and ideas by recruiting, endorsing, and supporting business-friendly candidates, regardless of party affiliation. Lincoln Club members assess whether a candidate is committed to responsible public policy, the expansion of economic opportunity, and promoting an enhanced quality of life.


• Mike Villines, State Insurance Commissioner

• Joel Anderson, State Senate, 36th District


Ten Little Indians

Saturday, March 13, 2010
posted by Sunshine

Well the filing deadline for office has come and gone and there were definitely quite a few interesting developments, some of which have been discussed here and some haven’t, and obviously everything is tentative before signatures are verified.

The Sheriff race narrowed to three with Gore, Duffy, and LaSuer. The big question here is where do the Democrats and Independents go and can Gore survive June? I think if Gore grabs 40% in June he’ll win in November, if not we might have a new Sheriff in town (too easy?). The good news is that no matter who wins the seat will stay in the hands of a Republican.


Ron  Roberts

Two new potential candidates took out preliminary papers this afternoon (Thursday) to run against County Supervisor Ron Roberts, a Republican.

They are (1) Stephen Whitburn, who lost a runoff to Todd Gloria in 2008 for City Council district 3 and (2) Margaret Moody, a longtime leader in local feminist causes.

They join City Schools trustee Shelia Jackson, also a Democrat in the field.

Ron Roberts starts with a huge edge in name identification and funding, reporting over $100,000 cash-on-hand as of 12/31/2009. His challengers have less than 3 months to narrow the gap in both categories.


For me, Shelia Jackson’s campaign against Supervisor Ron Roberts is good news on several levels.

1. A major challenge of a Supervisor will once again end in inglorious defeat, proving again NO incumbent Supervisor ever loses no matter what — a good case for the current term limits initiative on the ballot (which I support, and maybe will talk more about at a later time).

When there is no incumbent in a Supervisor’s race, it’s like the new democracies in Africa — “one man, one vote — one time.” Without term limits, until the incumbent Sup dies or retires, they can stay as long as they like with no real concerns about being unseated. Bill Horn is the poster child proving this truism.

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In the wake of San Diego Councilmember Donna Frye’s announcement earlier in the week that she will not run against 4th District County Supervisor Ron Roberts, San Diego Unified School Board President Shelia Jackson is now opting to enter the race.

Jackson started the nomination paperwork with the County Registrar of Voters office today.

Jackson had previously considered running, but had opted out a few months ago, presumably not wanting to split votes with fellow Democrat Frye and potentially bolster Republican Roberts’ re-election chances.

With Frye out, it re-paves the way for Jackson to take on Roberts in a possible one-to-one contest. The filing deadline is March 12.


Frye Will Not Take on Ron Roberts for Supervisor

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
posted by Thor's Assistant

After dealing with the pension mess at the City of San Diego, did Councilmember Donna Frye really want to face years of the same discussions at the County?

Dave Rolland has the scoop at San Diego CityBeat

Any speculation as to another Democrat getting in, with Lori Saldana and Frye now out?  Or, does Saldana go into re-entry mode?


CARB: An Agency Out of Control

Monday, March 1, 2010
posted by Guest Column

The following was given as a speech by local businessman Bryan Bloom at Saturday’s Tea Party rally in San Diego (read organizer Dawn Wildman’s account of the rally here).  Mr. Bloom provided his remarks to San Diego Rostra.  Links to relevant documents are included…

Guest Column
by Bryan Bloom

Bloom speaks to Tea Partiers

Bloom speaks to Tea Partiers

My name is Bryan Bloom and I own Priority Moving, Inc, a San Diego company. I am actively involved in the Suspend AB32 initiative and in getting the word out about CARB – also known as the California Air Resources Board. My background includes a degree with a minor in Biochemistry from UCSD and an MBA from UC Berkeley.






Good evening, and welcome to beautiful Irwin M. Jacobs’ Qualcomm Hall.

January 3rd marked the 157th year of County government.

We have accomplished a lot since the first Board of Supervisors rode to meetings by horseback, coach or wagon.

There have been good times and bad but we have always weathered the storm.

 At the very center of today’s storm is the most difficult economy we have faced in decades. It has forced many companies to change the way they do business, and many households to cut back on spending.

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Chula Vista Watch: A Special Endorsement

Saturday, February 6, 2010
posted by Guest Column

by Hon. Larry Breitfelder

Recently I shared with you two endorsements that are very special to me.  Supervisor Ron Roberts for (among other things) his extraordinary accomplishments in governmental reform at the County and Former Chula Vista Police Chief Bill Winters for his legacy of personal integrity and always putting the public interest ahead of the selfish special interest agendas that are so influential today.

In addition, the endorsement of Congressman Brian Bilbray has a unique personal significance for me because he is why I became a Republican in the mid 90’s.  I was brought up in a staunch Democrat household and until about the age of 30, I considered myself free market, strong defense JFK sort of Democrat.  Over time that became a lonely and unpopular thing to be, but I guess I didn’t have the imagination to look further.


As originally posted on  

Supervisor Pam Slater-Price: “Our economy is flat and we are still involved in a war on two fronts. Yet while on the campaign trail the President promised to resolve both issues.

“Many citizens voted for President Obama because he promised to get us out of Iraq. McCain, on the other hand, was honest and said there needed to be a legitimate time table for withdrawal. I wonder now if these voters feel betrayed?

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Supervisor Pam Slater-Price

At the first meeting of 2010, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to select me as Chair of the Board and lead the County during what many expect to be a fiscally challenging year for the County of San Diego.

The board also unanimously voted Supervisor Bill Horn, District 5, as Vice Chairman and Supervisor Ron Roberts, District 4, as Chair Pro Tem.

My chairmanship succeeds Supervisor Dianne Jacob, District 2. Supervisor Jacob passed the torch to me in the best shape we could be in given the conditions between a state government in turmoil and declining local tax revenue.


Tonite’s GOP Endorsements

Monday, December 14, 2009
posted by Thor's Assistant

In addition to Jeff Olson for County Assessor (see post below), the Republican Party of San Diego County tonight endorsed the following candidates in their respective races next year…

Lorie Zapf – San Diego City Council, District 6

Supervisors Ron Roberts and Bill Horn for reelection

Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister and District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis for reelection

If the GOP endorses in the Sheriff’s race, now THAT will be news.  Any thoughts on whether that will happen?

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