Shelia Jackson to Run Against Ron Roberts for County Supe

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In the wake of San Diego Councilmember Donna Frye’s announcement earlier in the week that she will not run against 4th District County Supervisor Ron Roberts, San Diego Unified School Board President Shelia Jackson is now opting to enter the race.

Jackson started the nomination paperwork with the County Registrar of Voters office today.

Jackson had previously considered running, but had opted out a few months ago, presumably not wanting to split votes with fellow Democrat Frye and potentially bolster Republican Roberts’ re-election chances.

With Frye out, it re-paves the way for Jackson to take on Roberts in a possible one-to-one contest. The filing deadline is March 12.


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  1. Post
  2. Confiriming Barry’s report, Ms. Jackson was still
    completing the necessary forms at 2:45 pm when
    I was at the Registrar of Voters on other business

    Once again…. “SD ROSTRA” is Live, Local and

    Chalk up another Rostra ‘scoop’ !

  3. Thanks, John. Another day, another…er…ok, forget that. Tell you what: You do the polls, we’ll break some news, let’s make lots of money. Ok, you make lots of money. 😉

  4. Barry, thanks for breaking the news, I will help get the word out to gain support for Ron Roberts hopefully pushing Jackson’s chances to below zero, if that is possible. San Diego doesn’t appreciate fully all Ron Robert’s does. No one is more qualified or works harder.

  5. Can ‘Dean Vernon Wormer’ put Union-Tribune reporter
    Maureen Magee on “double secret probation” for failing
    to acknowledge the SD Rostra scoop?

  6. Here is the attitude of the mainstream media: If they are aware of something from a “non-traditional” news source, they treat it like a tip, not breaking news. Then, they call the subject of the story and get confirmation, following with their own story. They would no more so give credit to a blog in most instances as they would an anonymous tip that they then confirm on their own.

  7. Sheila Jackson needs to leave politics. She is right up there with the horrible elected officials. Hopefully, the Union back lash will hurt rather than help. Wherever, the Public Unions are strong you will find a city, state, school district or Fed Govern in a total state of shambles. Never, in my life have I seen such irresponsible me me attitude as those of in charge of the public unions. I hope the conservative movement that is strong in the rest of the USA comes on strong here if CA is to have any hope of pulling out of this mess.

  8. Rostra Administrator:

    You have outlined exactly the arrogant attitude of SOME
    (and I emphasize “some”) in the mainstream media…
    if we didn’t report it, then it didn’t happen.

    Everyone who read this story YESTERDAY on their
    computer looks at today’s paper and Laughs at the
    local daily, which has been Dying by Degrees for
    the last 20 years.

    I grew up in this town, and the Union and Tribune once
    excelled at covering ALL the local community news.
    They doiminated the landscape because they served
    the area so well.

    So I renew my call to Dean Vernon Wormer to levy,
    “double secret probation” on the erring Ms. Magee.
    You read THAT here first too!

  9. Anybody wanna bet Donna swoops back in at the last minute because she was overwhelmed by folks to do this?

  10. Mike,

    Yeah, I’ll bet you she doesn’t. Donna and the Dem’s are the main reason we are in the trouble we are. People in San Diego have more common sense that LA and a whole more common sense than the Bay area. I can’t see Donna winning that race and I think she came to the same conclusion. If I am wrong I owe you lunch. Otherwise you owe me lunch. If I win Dobson’s. If you win. McDonalds. Is this a deal?

  11. Sorry Larry, I just don’t see the Dems letting Ron slide. As for your bet, sorry dude, I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

  12. You’d have to get up a LOT earlier in the morning
    to put one over on Mke McSweeney. LOL

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