About SD Rostra

The Rostra originates from the word Rostrum, a forum in ancient Rome where citizens would come to voice their thoughts, concerns, and critiques about society. Many of history’s giants spoke from the Rostra, including Cicero, Julius Caesar, Brutus and Cassius, among others. SD Rostra is based in the spirit of public thought and debate that existed in Ancient Rome.

Each blog posting is the opinion of the individual author, not necessarily shared by the other site authors or administrators. There is typically no predetermined or decided “SD Rostra Opinion” on any one subject. However, SD Rostra authors are largely from the “center-right,” generally meaning moderate Republican to conservative to Libertarian.

Commenters of all political persuasions are invited to comment and debate on the blog. The general rules are that commenters should be respectful, deal in issues instead of personalities, and stick to the topic. Foul language and name-calling will not be tolerated.

Anonymity through the use of pseudo-names or handles is allowed, but commenters should use the same name for every comment entry, so as to not falsely appear to be more than one person commenting on the same or several matters. Select a name and stick with it.

Some also believe they are being cute by selecting a name specifically matched to their comment, such as commenting on Councilman Smith under the name “Smith is a Clown.” That’s not a name and falsely assumes the commenter will be using that same name for every future comment, even when the topic isn’t Councilman Smith. Such comments will be changed to “Anonymous” by administrators.

Do not post comments in all cap letters. It’s lazy and web etiquette considers it as shouting. Comments in all caps will be removed.

Is there an issue you would like to write about or comment on, which doesn’t appear on our pages? Please contact info@sdrostra.com if you have a suggestion or may be interested in submitting a guest column.