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When over, the 2016 presidential election will go in the history books as this: A bunch of Jerks in Congress, elected by the People, created an atmosphere in which the People believed the best solution was to nominate a total Jerk, which only served to ensure the People elected a total Jerk as President. — The Chargers’ measure, Prop C, …

The Chargers and hurt feelings

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San Diego County Taxpayers Association to San Diego Chargers: “Please attend our meeting. Help us understand how you arrived at your assumptions. Share your data. Make your report public.” Chargers response: “You guys are really mean. Tony is really, really mean. Leave us alone!” Kinda reminds me of this:

Cruz lives up to his commitment

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Let’s face facts. Ted Cruz screwed up big time. When Cruz committed to support the eventual Republican nominee, that’s the only thing he said. He apparently left some things out. A big mistake. Cruz did NOT say, “I will endorse the nominee, just as long as the nominee doesn’t make disparaging comments about my wife and suggest my dad was …