Belly Up To The Bar 2: The Official Goldens Drinking Game

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Just in time could be my life’s mantra. I am reminded by Thor’s Assistant that no Official Drinking Game has been devised for tonight’s epic 17th annual San Diego County Taxpayers Golden Fleece and Watchdog Awards.

Calling Ms. Tipit to the rescue.

DISCLAIMER: In this litigious, risk-averse society, we must pause here to admonish anyone reading this column that it is strictly for entertainment purposes ONLY. Please drink responsibly if at all. Please do not be a dunderhead and drink and tweet/post/drive, or you will be the next person we write about on Rostra and it won’t be pretty.

Now, grab a cup and step up. Friendly amendments welcome.

This is among the simplest of Official Drinking Games. You simply take a sip of your beverage of choice every time you see or hear a reference to the following:

1. “Government waste”

2. “Pension reform” (Yep, we are playing for keeps here)

3. Any high school or community college district south of  Route 94.

4. San Diego SAFE (or callboxes, we’ll give you either one)

6. T.J. Zane and The Lincoln Club of San Diego

7. Any F-bomb by an elected official, bleeped or not

8. “Medical marijuana”

9. Harvey Levin, Roger Hedgecock or any other recovering lawyer turned media star in a parody video

10. Carl DeMaio trying to explain anything

Bonus: Anyone Tebowing

Belly up to the bar, and don’t forget to tip the bartender.


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  1. Excellent, comprehensive list. I especially like the Lincoln Club reference since there is so little daylight between them and the SDCTA.

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