5.7 Million Slate Cards Can’t be Wrong — Conservative Leader Jim Lacy makes voter contact More affordable

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It was a good primary for Republicans, and for Jim Lacy, whose “Landslide Communications” ruled the Slate Card roost again.  Slates are popular with most candidates and consultants because they are a relatively inexpensive way to reach numerous  likely voters.  It is not just a business to Jim Lacy,  however, a committed philosophical conservative who served in the Reagan Adminsitration, was …

Where is GWEN?

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Rostrafarians were entertained/vexed  in recent weeks by longtime Gadfly “Gwen”.  She predicted, with supreme confidence, that we’d all get our come-uppance  June 5th as SD Liberal candidates rolled to victory after victory.  She pitied our naive hopes.  But since Election Day, she has gone Radio Silent.  What happened,  Gwen?

Three Biggest Upsets — Mary England (AD 79), Mark Powell (SD Schools), Gary Kreep (Judge) —- These Inspiring underdogs confirm Democracy still works in 2012

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Here are my Nominees for  Biggest Upsets in the June 2012 San Diego primary.  Readers are invited to add more names or causes with your comments…. (1)  Mark Powell  SD City Schools, Seat A.  A late entrant who proved that a solid, fact-based message is what voters hunger for.  Powell (R)  leads incumbent John Evans (D)  9,961 votes  to 9,915.  A citywide runoff …

Houston, We Do have a WAVE ! — Scott Sherman, Mary England, Ray Ellis, Carl DeMaio, Brian Bilbray all in 1st Place– Props A & B sweeping… Surf’s Up

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Greetings, Politics Fans.  The numbers you saw at 8:05 pm last night  represented  45% of all  the primary votes to be counted in SD County.  These nfigures  reveal  the Contour of what is happening, and for Republicans  it is  GOOD  almost wherever you look.    George Plescia running  even with Marty Block (SD 39) , Mark Powell  leading the Dist. A City schools  incumbent, Judge …

One-Day High margin, (+12%) on Monday — 47% Rep, 35% Dem — Where a late GOP tide could help most

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There is often, though now always, a “swing” in the final 72 hours of a campaign.  San Diego mail ballots of Sunday and Monday suggest it is happening now.  When Rostra’s reports began May 21st, the GOP mail edge was 41% to 39%.  Later daily returns moved to 43-38, then to 45-38, then 46-37 (on Sunday) and finally to 47%-35% on Monday.  …

Strong Closer — GOP ballots now 8.5% ahead of Registration — and +12,879 vs. Democrats among Mail Voters

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Sunday, June 3 countywide data reveals mail ballots now trend 43.7% GOP, outperforming the 35.2% of registration by 8.5%.  Democrats are also ahead, but by only 3.0% (38.3  vs.  35.3%).  Net result is the +12,879 overall GOP mail ballot lead shown in the chart.  When Rostra began following this on May 21, the Rep. lead was just  2 points (41-39).  Now …