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roberts 2If one desires to be a “tax and spend” Republican so be it, but own it.

transparent adjective |trans-par-ent, able to be seen through, easy to notice or understand, honest and open: not secretive.

On Friday the SANDAG board met to draft ballot language for their sales tax increase. The draft ballot argument reads as follows…



Shall an ordinance be adopted to:

  • Repair roads
  • Relieve freeway congestion
  • Provide … funds to repair potholes…
  • Expand public transportation
  • Preserve open space

by adopting a 40 year half-cent sales tax, generating $288 million annually…?

The wording leads one to believe this ballot measure is first and foremost about “road repair.” Right? Wrong. Only 24 percent of this new tax is designated for road repair. Most of it, 41 percent, is to expand public transportation. I ask for a little transparency, especially from Republican Ron Roberts who took umbrage when being questioned about his transparency. His response to the charge can be heard at the 144.56 minute mark here.

Starting to see why some are calling for a minimum wage?

SANDAG Meeting Agenda

  • Page 35 of 42 for distribution of tax by category
  • Page 37 of 42 for list of annual subsidies (worker pay redistribution)
  • Page 42 of 42 for Draft Ballot Language

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Eric Andersen is a member of the Central Committee of the San Diego County Republican Party and current Chair and Co-Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego County. He is a Co-Founder of, former Rock Church Citizen of the Year and former Caucus Chair for the 71st Assembly District.


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  1. Thanks, Eric.
    That Roberts is a pushover for costly, inefficient, progressive transportation fantasies could be seen at a recent SANDAG “retreat”–i.e., publicly funded wine, dine and golfing junket at Barona–where he sat enraptured, in a state of unblinking awe as Uber reps painted a utopian picture of San Diego roadways navigated by pilotless, “sustainable,” solar-powered taxies. If only he could etch his name on such a project!
    No wonder he lost it when Councilwoman Alessio dowsed him with a cold bucket of truth. Like most San Diego transportation zealots, he prefers deceptive dreams to reality.

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