San Diego County Gun Owners in New Video: Don’t Elect Kristin Gaspar

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San Diego – San Diego County Gun Owners PAC (SDCGO) has launched its first political video just in time for absentee voters and the message is clear: Don’t vote for Kristine Gaspar for County Board of Supervisors.

“Mayor Gaspar supported and voted for a gun ban, but now that she is running for higher office, she says she made a mistake voting for a gun ban,” said Michael Schwartz, executive director of SDCGO. “We met with her and interviewed her thoroughly. We found out she flip-flopped not only on her gun ban vote, but on other issues like her plastic bag ban vote. We’d like to work to educate all local elected officials on Second Amendment issues. But when we cannot trust your word because you say one thing and do another or you vote one way and then tell constituents you did not, we are left with no choice than to oppose your bid for higher office.”

SDCGO is a political organization that focuses on Second Amendment issues at the municipal and county levels in San Diego. SDCGO organizes the Second Amendment community and supports candidates who respect the rights of gun owners across the county.

“Our organization represents the sane, trained, law-abiding citizens of San Diego who own guns for sport or protection” Schwartz said. “We stand against efforts to turn those people into criminals for owning normal, commonly owned firearms. Gaspar voted to do just that: Criminalize normal. Now that we find she has misled people on other issues like her plastic bag ban vote, we believe she is not qualified to hold higher office.”

The County Board of Supervisors race in District 3 has become contentious, with two other very popular candidates vying for the win. Democratic incumbent Dave Roberts and Escondido Mayor Sam Abed are both rated a “thumbs up” by SDCGO. Roberts and Abed are both popular and active members of their communities and have voter support.

“SDCGO is non-partisan, and this race has a strong Democrat and a strong Republican running; neither has voted against the Second Amendment as Gaspar has done. The Republican Party endorsed Mayor Abed, and the Democratic Party endorsed Roberts so voters have a choice. We’re asking the voters in County District 3 to send the message that the Second Amendment — and the truth — matters, especially when it comes to the word of elected leaders.


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  1. This piece is so shoddy it makes me like Kristin even more. A blind toddler with down syndrome could have produced something better.

  2. Kudos for making a Republican your first target. I am sure it would have been easier, and you were probably pressured to, pick a Democrat for your first “attack ad,” but this gives you much more credibility as a non-partisan champion of second amendment rights. And contrary to the comments above, I expect the video to be quite effective.

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