Exposed: Empower San Diego’s Last Ditch Political Play – And Interesting Friends

Eliot Ness Eliot Ness 8 Comments

It’s no secret that various interest groups have been actively lobbying the San Diego Redistricting Commission over the past few months. One of the most active groups has been Empower San Diego which even managed to get one of their own, Commissioner Theresa Quiroz on the actual commission and who has been carrying their water ever since. The commission has …

Did Lorie Zapf’s Big victory surprise local Liberals? — Some were Flabbergasted !

Jim Sills Jim Sills 12 Comments

Last week I wrote a column about SD Rostra’s success in correctly predicting Upset victories in June by Juan Vargas and Lorie Zapf. Not very controversial, right? But a writer for a SD liberal publication attacked, saying (A) Zapf’s victory was no surprise, and (B) no one said she would miss the runoff and (C) we Rostrafarians were “Morons”. As …

Lessons from 2010 Primary …..Whose Polls can you Trust?

Jim Sills Jim Sills 8 Comments

In the last month before the June primary, Barry Jantz reported a poll showing a close race between Howard Wayne and Lorie Zapf in SD city council district 6. Soon after, I reported on polling which showed Juan Vargas leading Mary Salas outside SD County and would likely win the 40th senate Democratic primary. Barry Jantz took flack from some …

FlashReport: Salas Concedes to Vargas

Thor's Assistant Rostra Administrator (Thor's Assistant) 3 Comments

From: @FlashReport Sent: Jul 21, 2010 10:11p **Breaking News** Moments ago Salas called Vargas and conceded the 40th SD Dem Primary. The recount is over! sent via UberTwitter On Twitter: Read additional comments from Jim Sills’ prior post this evening:

3rd Day Recount — Mary Salas loses a net Four Votes — 3 in Riverside — 1 in San Diego– Overall Juan Vargas lead now + 26 votes

Jim Sills Jim Sills 7 Comments

UPDATE, 9:15 pm, July 21st Today’s San Diego county recount results are in for SD 40. They show a net 1 vote loss for Salas in this county. Earlier this evening, Riverside released their Day 3 Recount report, and Salas lost a net 3 votes there. Juan Vargas’ totals remained unchanged today in each county. Both San Diego and Riverside re-checked 12 …