No June Gloom for Leaders in Albondigas Meatball Poll

The Libertarian Lass, Gayle Falkenthal The Libertarian Lass, Gayle Falkenthal 4 Comments

Albongidas members like their politics spicy. The Mayor’s race in the City of San Diego is tailor made for this bunch and it remains the hot topic of monthly gatherings by members of the San Diego Chapter at Cafe Coyote in Old Town. District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis made the first official visit by a declared mayoral candidate on Friday, June …

Fletcher’s Union, Big-Gov’t Record

Aynd Rand Aynd Rand 8 Comments

The title for this post is taken from a recent article by Steven Greenhut on the CalWatchDog website.   This article was clearly written in response to Fletcher’s official announcement that he’s running for Mayor.  One of the interesting things to follow in this race is how the candidates, and their campaigns, cope with the harsh scrutiny they will receive over …

Poll: DeMaio Takes Early Lead in Race for Mayor

Vince Vasquez Vince Vasquez 18 Comments

A new SurveyUSA poll reveals Councilmember Carl DeMaio has taken an early lead in the race for Mayor of San Diego. In a poll that surveyed 538 registered city voters, DeMaio leads the growing pack of candidates with 22% of the vote. District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, who announced her candidacy in March, comes in second place at 15%, and Democratic …

GOP Mayoral Candidates Jump to the Front: Dumanis Fav Among Insiders, DeMaio Choice of the Electorate

Owen Kellogg Owen Kellogg 3 Comments

The Mayoral race has gotten off to a blistering pace: DeMaio, Fletcher, and now Filner are in; Faulconer is out. Surprisingly, there is a swift and early movement to coalesce center-right establishment support behind Dumanis. In just the last 36 hours Dumanis has received the endorsements of both Faulconer and Sanders. At the same time a SurveyUSA poll, sponsored by 10 News, shows DeMaio up substantially. He leads among every major demographic but women.

The Mayor’s Race – First Few Days

Mr. Murphy Mr. Murphy 12 Comments

Some observations on the first few days of the Mayor’s race: #1 Republicans Up. The Republican candidates for Mayor (DeMaio, Dumanis, Fletcher) are up and running: raising money, throwing up websites, gathering endorsements, hiring consultants. The Democrats are having a harder time getting on their feet. I can’t imagine this is planned. More like they spent so long deciding that …

My Thoughts from DeMaio’s Announcement

Owen Kellogg Owen Kellogg 4 Comments

For me, the most interesting thing about the speech wasn’t the text of the actual speech. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very good speech that focused on his plans to fight for the fiscal future of San Diego. He hit all the fiscal conservative points and really dialed in on pension reform. But what was really intriguing was …