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To a political nerd, such as myself, there is nothing quite as exciting as going to the mailbox during election season and examining the day’s collection of glossy double-sided political mailers. Since I am new to California and thus a recently registered voter, I was not expecting to receive much mail this election cycle. However, my name and address apparently made it on to various distribution lists as my mailbox has been overflowing with these direct marketing campaigns.

As a way to analyze the volume and content of the mailers being sent in the weeks leading up to the primary, I have taken it upon myself to blog (and tweet) about what local campaigns, interest groups, and PACs are putting out. On day one of this endeavor, this is what my political mail looked like:


Three days later:


One week later:


Up to this point, Supervisor Ron Roberts and the San Diego Lincoln Club are winning the numbers game with a total of four regular sized and three over-sized mailers, respectively.


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  2. Very cool! Welcome to the “illustrious” Blogpen at SD Rostra! So, how did you land in CA and what are you doing? A brief bio for our newest “non-anonymous” blogger, perhaps?

  3. That’s an awesome collage you have going there. (I especially gotta love that beautiful green one on the far left!)

    Do you think you’ll be able to fit everything you get into one picture by November? =P

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    Thanks! I’m from Texas and landed in California five months ago. Currently prepping for law school but prior to moving here, I worked for U.S. Senator John Cornyn in Dallas and before that I was at the Treasury Department in Washington, DC.

    Not sure I’ll be able to fit all of the mailings in one picture before the general election but I’ll do my best. The “green one” is from Kim Tran’s campaign. One of her workers dropped it off.

  5. Welcome, Diana !

    As time allows, I hope you will give us some insights
    about Senator John Cornyn, and the recent steel cage
    death match between Rick Perry and Kay Hutchison
    for the Texas governor nomination. That race could
    have been put on pay-per-view.

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