Dave Roberts Cannot Be Forced Out

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Dave Roberts cannot be forced out of office, not easily anyway. A San Diego County supervisor must vacate a seat one of three ways: willingly or due to untimely demise, for which a replacement process exists, take their chances come election time, or possibly face a recall effort. Alarm bells sounded from District 3 as eight staffers fled his office just …

Hodges Makes it Official for Garrick’s Seat

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Following Barry Jantz’ post of a couple of weeks ago saying that Sherry Hodges confirmed she would be running for State Assembly, today Hodges announced just that… Sherry Hodges Announcement press release 021711 SD Rostra will do its best to keep you abreast of such happenings, including sometimes having the news even before it takes place.

Hodges First to Announce in Garrick’s Term-Limited 74th Assembly District — Are there Other Possible Contenders?

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As hi-lited in Monday’s FlashReport, with some updated information here… Hodges First to Announce in Garrick’s Term-Limited 74th Assembly District — Are there Other Possible Contenders? by Barry Jantz The geographic boundaries of a redrawn 74th Assembly District are yet to be determined, but a buzz is quietly building among political watchers regarding the likely field of Republican candidates next year, …

Three Types of Lies

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Pollster John Nienstedt’s discussion on polling and the reasons polls fail to accurately gauge voter behavior (and what polls can and CANNOT do) has been a hit on the post-election poliwonk social circuit. Among the topics on tap, Nienstedt has provided his insight on the variance in results among the polls conducted over the past few months on Prop D, …

Martin Garrick on Joel Anderson’s Race for the 36th Senate District

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SD Rostra invited the Republican candidates competing in the 36th State Senate District race (succeeding Dennis Hollingsworth) to submit a guest column.  The commentaries have been posted in the order received prior to the deadline. Candidate submissions received after the original postings will be added as they come in, but in no case will any additional columns be added if …

The Garrick Question…Some Simple Advice

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My last Sunday San Diego column at the FlashReport… As Jon Fleischman hi-lited on the main FR page Saturday, the Union-Trib editorialized on the selection of Martin Garrick as the new Assembly minority leader, praising the decision, while asking a question in the headline: Will he be the latest GOP leader to cave on taxes? Clearly, the UT gets it, …