Lincoln Club Issues Ballot Recommendations

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The Lincoln Club of San Diego County has posted its complete list of ballot recommendations.  If you’re a new reader or need a little refresher, the Lincoln Club is a fiscally conservative organization dedicated to the goal of advancing free market principles and ideas by recruiting, endorsing, and supporting business-friendly candidates, regardless of party affiliation. Lincoln Club members assess whether a candidate is committed to responsible public policy, the expansion of economic opportunity, and promoting an enhanced quality of life.


• Mike Villines, State Insurance Commissioner

• Joel Anderson, State Senate, 36th District

• Mark Wyland, State Senate, 38th District

• Diane Harkey, State Assembly, 73rd District

• Martin Garrick, State Assembly, 74th District

• Nathan Fletcher, State Assembly, 75th District


• Ron Roberts, Board of Supervisors, 4th District

• Bill Horn, Board of Supervisors,5th District

• Dan McAllister, Treasurer, San Diego County

• Bill Gore, Sheriff, San Diego County

• Bonnie Dumanis, District Attorney, San Diego County

• Jeff Olson, County Assessor* (*dual endorsement)

• Ernie Dronenberg, County Assessor* (*dual endorsement)

• Kevin Faulconer, San Diego City Council, District 2

• Tony Young, San Diego City Council, District 4

• Lorie Zapf, San Diego City Council, District 6

• Cheryl Cox, Mayor, City of Chula Vista

• Glen Coogins, City Attorney, City of Chula Vista

• Lloyd Prosser, Oceanside City Council

• Larry Breitfelder, Chula Vista City Council, 2nd Seat

The Lincoln Club has also issued the following recommendations on four ballot measures within San Diego County:


• Proposition B (Term limits for San Diego County Supervisors): Vote No

• Proposition D (City of San Diego Charter revision relating to strong mayor form of governance): Vote Yes

• Proposition G (City of Chula Vista Fair and Open Competition Ordinance): Vote Yes

• Proposition K (City of Oceanside adoption of City Charter): Vote Yes

Learn more about the Lincoln Club of San Diego County at


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  1. Finally, something on Rostra about the San Diego 6th Council District Race!

    Lorie Zapf:

    If you want a good conservative alternative for City Council in District 6, vote for Kim Tran! =)

    Kim Tran is an honest community activist (not a career zig zagging politician), and a fighter. She will fight to put managed competition in to practice and reduce city spending, and she will not bend to any special interest groups.

    Additionally, she is running a grassroots campaign, and has built up a ton of support in the 6th District by walking and meeting voters in every neighborhood. I volunteer for her campaign, along with 6-10 other people, every Saturday and Sunday, (If you’ve seen some young guy walking around passing out fliers and talking to people while holding a Kim Tran sign, that’s me!) and I’ve run in to a number of people saying “Yea, I researched the candidates online. Don’t worry, I’m going to vote for Kim!” We’ve even had moderate democrats, disenchanted with the Democratic Party and financial state of our city, saying they’ll vote for Kim.

    If anyone Republican is going to be able to actually win against Howard Wayne, it’s going to be Kim Tran, not Lorie Zapf.

    As for some of the other candidates on the Endorsement list, I think Jeff Stone for State Senate and Jay LaSuer for Sheriff would have been better choices. I haven’t done research on the rest of the endorsement list however. Does anyone else have any opinions or candidates I should look in to?

  2. For full disclosure, AJ Sutton is not only Kim Tran’s alternate on central committee, but he’s also her son.

    So there is some bias in his assessment of council district 6. Just sayin’.

  3. Villines? Dumanis? Really? I just went to a prospective members luncheon for the Lincoln Club of Orange County this afternoon. If they had endorsed Villines there is no way I would join…luckily they have not! There are some good names on this list and I am proud the Club took a stand in the 36th Senate race and endorsed Joel but I think they should rethink a few of these endorsements.

  4. Lincoln Club – “recruiting, endorsing, and financing business-friendly candidates”

    Businesses Gore’s election would be friendly to:
    * The mule illegals from Mexico business
    * The attorneys who sue law enforcement after they shoot unarmed civilians business
    * The LRAD at town hall meetings business
    * The high end patrol cars for high ranking deputies who don’t patrol business

    Businesses Gore’s election would not be friendly to:
    * The airline business (just ask American Airlines circa 2001)
    * The training law-abiding citizens for concealed weapon permit business

  5. Hey, I’m proud to be her son! Of course I am 100% biased in her favor. But I’m not a liar. =)

    I wouldn’t be as passionate about this, if I didn’t think she could win. But she can! We’ve gotten so much support and positive encouragement, that I can’t help but not be excited for her.

    I have a lot of campaign trail stories to tell, here’s just one: My mom was talking to this couple working out in their yard. What we didn’t know was that they had a Lorie Zapf sign, which they had just put away temporarily while working. She talked with them for about 20 minutes, and suddenly the husband goes into his garage, comes back out of nowhere with Lorie Zapf’s sign, and throws it into the trash! Right in front of us. And then has me put up a Kim Tran sign in his yard.

    Man it was just one of those amazing moments where I wish I had brought my camera, it would have made for a compelling Youtube video. I keep my camera with me now though, so next time I get something epic like this, I’ll be able to link it here on SD Rostra.

    This is so corrupt though:

    The Republican party and all those special interest groups are going to put even more money into Lorie Zapf, the candidate who ” hadn’t been able to garner her own support.” (gosh I wonder why)

    I like how the republican political consultant says at the end “It may help Lorie Zapf get out of the primary.” (Not in a million years! <-bias opinion ;-D)

    Ultimately, I think it's sad that a candidate with $40,000 and the republican party endorsement is so bad that she has to get $20,000+ more dollars in order to match Kim Tran's community support and her $4,000. I guess we'll see now if big business money alone can buy the seat this time…or if this will be the trend for this election:


  6. If Kim Tran had enough community support, we’d be calling her Assemblywoman Kim Tran.

    If Kim Tran was a credible conservative candidate, she would’ve easily beaten Ralph Denney in the GOP Primary in 2008. What happened?

    Unfortunately (fortunately?), she’s not a credible candidate. If she was, then her fellow central committee members would’ve easily given her the thumbs up for the party endorsement.

    Understandably AJ, you support your mom and that’s great! No one is going to doubt your alliance there for being a good son — but the facts are the facts. She’ll be lucky to place 4th in that five person race.

  7. Thanks for responding Zack! You’re right, she did not have enough city-wide support in 2008 to win State Assembly against Ralph Denney. But that was a city wide race, and it was 2 years ago.

    I don’t think I can convince you that Kim Tran will win, but I can convince you that she is a legitimate contender.

    You should take into account these facts as well:

    1.) When she ran for State Assembly in the 2008 primary, the Sixth Council District was her strongest base of support. She received 5800 votes (just from Republicans) from the 6th council district alone, almost half of her vote total in that election.

    2.) We have 700+ Kim Tran signs in people’s yards and businesses. Those weren’t just stuck there, Kim Tran personally asked almost every one of those persons and business owners to vote for her and put her sign there. She had signs in 50 small businesses for 2 weeks before we even saw another candidate’s campaign sign.

    3.) Kim Tran has personally registered at least a thousand (under-represented minority) voters in just the sixth district. To be honest, I’m not sure of the exact number, it could be 2500+. She’s been calling and visiting homes and registering voters all over San Diego, and she’s being doing it regularly since 2006.

    4.) Kim Tran is a Blue Star Mother, with a Marine Corps F-18 fighter pilot daughter. (Well, okay, this isn’t really a fact that makes her more credible as a candidate. Oh, and there isn’t really sibling rivalry here. I mean, “Mother of a fighter pilot daughter with 2 combat tours in Iraq!” sounds way cooler than “Kim Tran, mother of a UCSD engineering grad planning to go to law school!” So it’s totally fine that it’s printed on all her fliers and the website, and she talks about my big sis to every person we meet. XD)

    Anyway, If voter turnout is low, as expected for an off year election, we’re looking at only 18-20,000 people coming out to vote.

    If she simply gets the 5800 Republicans who voted in the last primary for her, and adds 1000 additional voters she’s registered since then who will vote for her, that’s 6800. About 30% of expected voters.

    So already, 30% of likely voters in the district need to be convinced to NOT vote for my mom again this primary.

    Then you can add the votes mom will gain from independents, democrats, and additional republicans from just campaigning and walking door to door for the past 4 months.

    I am certain that there is going to be a conservative Republican in the run-off. The question is, will it be Kim Tran or Lorie Zapf?

    We get to decide! And You know I’m voting for Kim Tran, and you know I’m passionately telling every person I meet and know in the district to vote for Kim Tran as well, along with Kim Tran herself and every unpaid volunteer we can muster.

  8. “We have 700+ Kim Tran signs in…”
    Do those count all the signs illegally placed on public property?

    “Kim Tran has personally registered…”
    Does that count all the voter fraud she open talked about during her time as a democrat?

  9. Hey Sunshine,

    1.) No, the 700 Kim Tran signs does not include any signs that may be placed illegally . =) We had 600+ in houses and businesses before I even saw any signs on public property anyway.

    2.) Wow. So yea, Kim Tran registers voters legitimately. It may be hard to believe, but she works hard EVERY day and truly cares about the community and the people. You really shouldn’t make baseless accusations of fraud.

    3.) So what if my mom was a democrat like 5 years ago? She was elected to the Republican Party Central Committee. If you’ve met her, then you know she’s one of the most conservative Republicans in the Party. Definitely more conservative than Lorie Zapf. Do you have any idea how many voters mom registered for the republican party? We have lists and lists of people. What kind of outreaching to people have you or Lorie done? Have you even registered a voter before? Just curious.

  10. Speaking of credibility and fiscal responsibility:

    I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned at all on Rostra. It was important enough for 10 News, City Beat, and Voice of San Diego to mention it and put in stories about it.

    Combined with that City Beat Zig Zag Zapf article where she pretty much threw her faith under the bus, and contradicts her CALA position by having filing numerous lawsuits herself, I see:

    – Dishonesty
    – Poor financial and investing judgment
    – Someone who won’t stand by her beliefs

    Kim Tran is none of those. She is honest, her financial responsibility and credit record is spotless, and she most definitely is a fighter for her beliefs. If you don’t think she’s a fighter, then you’ve obviously never met her….or lived with her for 20+ years. ^_^()

    But it’s really her charisma and fighting spirit that’s getting her so much support in the community. I am really interested in seeing how this election turns out.

    Can a strong candidate, with a fired up support base, unpaid volunteers, and the dedication to have spent 350+ hours directly meeting voters in the precinct, defeat a weak candidate with the republican central committee endorsement and $80,000 dollars? We’ll see! =)

  11. It seems that it has been mentioned on Rostra. Someone just did. Let’s not forget what Rostra is…a mostly unedited and largely uncontrolled group of VOLUNTEER bloggers that write what they want and when they want, based on whether they have the time and interest at any one moment. There are no “beat reporters,” although we do select bloggers based on geographical location, background, and/or access to information. Rostra is NOT a source for every potentially newsworthy political story; but a source to provide sometimes otherwise unseen stories, insider takes, breaking news, opinion, and a forum for discussion and debate. It is what a group of varying people make of it, with little direction or oversight from any “editor.” Most readers peruse both the blog postings and the comments, which means the comments can be JUST as important as the actual entry. If anyone is “surprised” that something isn’t mentioned, well, then they can mention it.

  12. Ah, I apologize, I didn’t see the person’s above post until after I had
    already posted, and there’s no way to edit my own comments. XD I was surprised that it wasn’t mentioned sooner. I think it’s an important issue, yet no blogger is picking it up. Let it be known publicly that I would love the opportunity to blog for Rostra! (or at least write a guest entry)

    But in the meantime, don’t worry, I’m mentioning stuff every opportunity I can. =)

  13. “So what if my mom was a democrat like 5 years ago? ”

    Credible Vietnamese elected officials/candidates such as Congressman Joseph Cao, Assemblyman Van Tran, and OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen have been republicans MUCH longer than five years, AJ.

    Lori Zapf has been a republican longer then that as well.

    Since your mom WAS a democrat as you’ve said, I’m curious if she pulled the ballot for hardcore liberals like John Kerry and Barbara Boxer in 2004 or Al Gore and Diane Feinstein in 2000? Perhaps, she’s even voted for Donna Frye and Howard Wayne for Assembly at one point. No way of knowing to be honest.

    So, who is really to say that this whole “Kim Tran is the MOST conservative person on the central committee” is even true? Perhaps it’s just a political ruse on her part to seem “more Republican” then her previous opponents.

    That tactic sure did well against Ralph Denney twice. Oh wait… *slaps forehead* that’s right!

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