Statement Re: ACORN Operative on Tape

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From the local GOP… SAN DIEGO, November 11 – Chairman Tony Krvaric today issued the following statement following the discovery of audio recordings where ACORN organizer David Lagstein is suggesting a whitewash by Attorney General Jerry Brown of the investigation into the apparent ACORN misconduct uncovered earlier this year: We can recall the appalling videos from the National City office of ACORN, where an employee …

The Fall of the Berlin Wall – 20th Anniversary

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From the CRP…    California Republican Party Commemorates 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and President Ronald Reagan’s Leadership State Republican Party today releases video marking historic event SACRAMENTO — Marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the California Republican Party released a new video highlighting President Ronald Reagan’s key role in leading …

Voices on Healthcare

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My Sunday San Diego column at FlashReport… I attended the annual Grossmont Hospital Foundation gala last night while Congressional voting was taking place on healthcare.  Some say it wasn’t a good night for hospitals to celebrate, but the Grossmont event was scheduled long ago and Nancy Pelosi didn’t ask about any scheduling conflicts. Any night that the community comes together …

Betty Rexford Changes Party Registration in an Attempt to Avoid the Party

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….BREAKING NEWS…. It’s her Party, she can leave if she wants to. If you’re Councilwoman Betty Rexford, facing recall in Poway for a littany of wrongs (see all the related SD Rostra posts), and you want to avoid or at least avert a weeks-long standing invitation by the local GOP to attend a meeting to give your side of things, …

A Taxing – if not Scary – Halloween

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Lots of good links and information from the San Diego County Taxpayers Association… Message from the President October 30, 2009 Happy Halloween, Friends of SDCTA! As if our tax bills aren’t scary enough, our local government continues to provide us with much to be concerned about. Earlier this month we released our San Diego region pension report which found that …

Rexford Apologists More Concerned about Disclosure than What is Right

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Saturday’s Union-Trib editorial “Rexford Must Go” (posted below) was spot on, while alluding to SD Rostra’s role — via my post — in releasing the smoking gun memo sent by the Poway city manager to Councilwoman Betty Rexford in 2006.  Some of the resulting comments on the U-T website are a testimony to the “hide the facts” attitude of Rexford …

Poway City Manager Memo: Rexford’s Conflicts and Interference with Administration

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In the midst of a recall effort against Poway Councilmember Betty Rexford, additional compelling evidence against her has been uncovered. In September 2006, Poway City Manager Rod Gould felt compelled to send a confidential memo to Rexford warning that her “recent actions constitute a conflict of interest and interference with City administration.”  The memo speaks for itself.  Read it here.

Breaking… Rexford’s Husband Said to Threaten Neighbor with “Gun”

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***Breaking News*** Whether or not you’ve been following the saga of Poway Councilwoman Betty Rexford, the documented harassment of her neighbors, and the resulting recall effort against her (here’s some background), the following breaking information from today really takes the cake. I am told that this morning Rexford and her husband Paul were sitting in their car at the end …

DSA Endorses Danon for County Supe…in 2012!

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Back in July, when I broke the news on the FlashReport that Brian Bilbray’s Chief of Staff Steve Danon had confirmed he was running for SD County Supervisor in 2012, as well as indicating he was “100 percent in” even if it meant taking on the incumbent, the folks at Supervisor Pam Slater-Price’s office were not the only ones raising …

Five Days Until the Western Conservative Political Action Conference

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From Jim Lacy…. The annual Western Conservative Political Action Conference, (WCPAC) is practically here and will be kicking off its events this Friday at 5:00 pm at the Radisson Newport Beach! Hurry and reserve your spot today to see leading conservatives from across the state and nation discuss important and timely issues facing Americans today. Leaders will include likely 2012 …

Sunday Hollywood: A Tale of Two Rapists

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From my usually-entitled “Sunday San Diego” column on the FlashReport, how is it that Roman Polanski rates a “best of times” screenplay?

Whitman Endorsed, Donated $4k to Boxer in ’03

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From my post at FlashReport… In the continuing saga of what some might describe as “Which Republican candidate’s history can top the others in the surprising category,” Carla Marinucci at the SF Chronicle has the news that Meg Whitman both endorsed and contributed big bucks to Senator Barbara Boxer in 2003. Absent from the Whitman spokesperson response in the article …

Gov. Schwarzenegger Thanks San Diego Director Cameron Durckel for Dedicated Service

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From the Gov’s Office on 9/22, since some readers have been asking… Governor Announces Appointment of Charlene Zettel as San Diego Director Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today extended his sincere gratitude to Cameron Durckel for his devoted service to the people of San Diego and all Californians. Following his resignation, the Governor has appointed Charlene Zettel as director of the San …

Meg-a Vu All Over Again

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Again, yesterday, Meg Whitman announced, again, she is running for Governor.  The FlashReport’s Jon Fleishman has an amusing take on the re-announcement… I don’t blame Meg for “announcing” again — But I blame the MSM for making it a story

Welcome to San Diego Rostra

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Launch of San Diego Rostra – In an effort to provide original commentary and breaking news to the San Diego-area political community, Mighty Thor and a host of other contributors announce the launch of a new local weblog, San Diego Rostra – San Diego Rostra is a forum wherein news and opinion, usually from the perspective of the …

DeMaio Applauds Passage of City Business Tax Reform Package

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San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio calls the decision “a big victory for small businesses and taxpayers”… City to Refund Fees and Commits to Take Up Additional Tax Reforms SAN DIEGO – City Councilmember Carl DeMaio today announced progress on his efforts to reform the city’s notorious small business and rental tax programs.  With two 7-0 votes and a 5-2 …

Fleischman: GOP-Only Primaries Are Essential

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From today’s FlashReport (the comments are stacking up on the Flash post)…. Do You Want A Strong, Vibrant GOP For Decades To Come? GOP-Only Primaries Are Essential by Jon Fleischman In a few weeks the members of the California Republican Party Central Committee will gather in Riverside County for our semi-annual convention. At that convention, delegates will consider a change …