Is the Filner settlement a good deal?

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by Barry Jantz This was published at FlashReport on Sunday. Is the City of San Diego agreement with Bob Filner a good deal for taxpayers? Maybe we can start by agreeing on something.  It really chaps the common hide to think the city would enter into any settlement whatsoever with the soon-to-be former but already disgraced mayor.  If it were …

San Diego’s Mayor Race Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

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Originally posted on the Flash Report. The 2012 San Diego mayor’s race began like other love affairs – lots of hope and promise for the future. Then, the sparkle and shine of courtship faded quickly into the same old dull routine. No more flowers. No more moonlight and love songs. Seems I’m not the only one who noticed our romance …

The Platform for California’s Future

South Bay SunnycrestSouth Bay Sunnycrest 5 Comments

This past weekend in Sacramento, an Embassy Suites room full of Republican activists, elected officials, and donors gathered to draft the 2012-2016 Platform for the California Republican Party. Within a few hours, we emerged with a platform titled, “The Platform for California’s Future” which was supported by an overwhelming majority (25-2) of those on the Drafting Committee. Why the 2 …

Fleischman: Joel Anderson…a Heartfelt Testimonial

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The following commentary by Jon Fleischman is up on the FlashReport today. For many of the same reasons so eloquently noted by Jon, I support Joel Anderson for State Senate.  That should come as no surprise to anyone.  Joel and I have been friends for many years. Yet, I have many friends in politics that I would not necessarily endorse …

Sheriff Watch: Politics of Ballot Designations Results in a Challenge to Duffy

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From today’s Sunday San Diego at the FlashReport… The first competitive San Diego County Sheriff’s race since 1994 enters its primary leg with three hopefuls to appear on the ballot. As well, a challenge has been filed over one candidate’s chosen ballot description. The pool of anticipated competitors narrowed from four on Friday, when perennial candidate Bruce Ruff dropped his bid in …

The Garrick Question…Some Simple Advice

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My last Sunday San Diego column at the FlashReport… As Jon Fleischman hi-lited on the main FR page Saturday, the Union-Trib editorialized on the selection of Martin Garrick as the new Assembly minority leader, praising the decision, while asking a question in the headline: Will he be the latest GOP leader to cave on taxes? Clearly, the UT gets it, …

FlashReport: Massive Budget Deficit Presents Opportunity

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From Jon Fleischman at… There is a saying goes something like, “Adversity Breeds Opportunity.” This came to mind as I was reading stories in the SDUT, on the website of the Voice of San Diego, as well as a great column from FR friend Vince Vasquez on the up and coming SDRostra website — stories all about the massive …

Meg-a Vu All Over Again

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Again, yesterday, Meg Whitman announced, again, she is running for Governor.  The FlashReport’s Jon Fleishman has an amusing take on the re-announcement… I don’t blame Meg for “announcing” again — But I blame the MSM for making it a story

Fleischman: GOP-Only Primaries Are Essential

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From today’s FlashReport (the comments are stacking up on the Flash post)…. Do You Want A Strong, Vibrant GOP For Decades To Come? GOP-Only Primaries Are Essential by Jon Fleischman In a few weeks the members of the California Republican Party Central Committee will gather in Riverside County for our semi-annual convention. At that convention, delegates will consider a change …