Breaking News: Poway Recall of Betty Rexford Qualifies for Ballot

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From my post at FlashReport

The long, sad saga of Poway Councilwoman Betty Rexford reached what may be its final stage this morning.  The FlashReport just confirmed that the San Diego County Registrar of Voters completed its sampling of petitions submitted by recall proponents, certifying that more than the required 5,657 needed signatures were submitted.  Over 6,300 valid signatures were previously turned in.

This qualifies the election for June 8, with both the Rexford recall and an “if she is recalled, who replaces her” question to appear on the ballot, sure to start a scramble by potential candidates.

“June 8 can’t come too soon,” said recall organizer Steve Vaus, “It’s a bad day for Betty, but a great day for Poway.”

For more on the recall:


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  1. Why will I vote for the recall? Well, the biggest reason I have is how Betty would promise to hold a news conference “next week” and that “next week” kept on being postponed. I guess I’m an idealist. I put politicians on a higher perch and I expect them to be open to the people that elected them. Betty has explained her side regarding the lawsuit (at her website), and it’s very plausible, but once again, the issue of the promised news conference comes up. There are other issues, such as being warned by the then City Manager Rod Gould concerning her actions towards city workers. While I wasn’t a fan of Gould, politicians trying to get special considerations over the public that voted for them, is uncalled for and if any person that represents me does that, well, even if they are my best friend, I will vote against them in their next election.
    In conclusion, politicians tend to think of themselves as above the rest of us (Just look at the special perks and privileges of Congress). And when a politician starts putting themselves on that higher perch and then ignoring the public, it’s time to remove them from office.
    So, while Betty might be telling the truth, it’s her constant delay of a news conference that has me voting against her and for the recall.

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