The Great 2010 Primary Election Contest!!!

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It’s that time again.  Stop what you are doing and take a stab.  Send your picks to me at (do not post them as a comment).

Deadline is 7:55 p.m. on June 8 (or anytime before).

Winners will be announced after the election, when I can get to it, or later in the case of any hand counts or other chads-like determinations by the Registrar, especially if followed by protracted lawsuits and court battles.

The contest victors get the ultimate prize – their fellow hacks’ amazement at their prowess.

Eleven questions and a couple of tie-breakers, if needed…

1. Chula Vista Fair and Open Competition Initiative: Will Measure G win or lose?

2. Oceanside Charter City question: Will Measure K win or lose?

3. Poway (two part question, must get them both correct):

a) Will Betty Rexford be recalled from office, yes or no?

b) Name the candidate to win the “replacement question” on the ballot (regardless of “a”).

4. Sheriff Race – Name the candidate to place SECOND in the primary.

5. State Senate – SD 40: Who will win the Dem primary, Mary Salas or Juan Vargas?

6. State Senate – SD 36: Name the candidate to win the Rep primary, Anderson, Dickson, Stephens, or Stone.

7. State Assembly – AD 77: Name the candidate to win the Rep primary, Jones, Rubin or Wells.

8. San Diego Council District Six – Name the top TWO finishers, IN ORDER of finish.

9. San Diego Council District Eight – Name the primary winner.

10. County: Will any candidate in either race force a run off against Bill Horn or Ron Roberts, yes or no (no need to name a candidate)?

11. San Diego Strong Mayor Question – Will Measure D win or lose?

Tiebreaker A (if needed) – Sheriff Race: Will there be a November run off, yes or no?

Tiebreaker B (if needed, closest to the mark) – What percentage of the vote will the question of County Supervisor Term Limits garner (Measure B)?


“Potetentially” Helpful Resources:,_California_ballot_measures


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  1. Ahem. Did you read the first paragraph about NOT posting your answers as a comment, but to send them to Barry Jantz at the email he provided? We have taken down the answers posted. If you can’t follow instructions, you lose!

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