Fleischman: Joel Anderson…a Heartfelt Testimonial

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The following commentary by Jon Fleischman is up on the FlashReport today.

For many of the same reasons so eloquently noted by Jon, I support Joel Anderson for State Senate.  That should come as no surprise to anyone.  Joel and I have been friends for many years.

Yet, I have many friends in politics that I would not necessarily endorse for office.  It takes more than a warm body that happens to vote “correctly” to earn my support, especially at the state legislative level. It takes a fighter who understands just what this state is facing and how to turn it around, as well as someone who has the personal skills and tenacity to try to get it accomplished, instead of just being a “no” vote.  That also means having such a philosophy all of the time, not just when it fits the polling or the climate.

I fear — no, I know — that some of those running at the highest levels in this state would be no different philosophically than the current governor if the polls said differently.  A sad reality.

Joel Anderson is not part of that sad reality.  He has a vision for the long-term solution.

Joel Anderson…a Heartfelt Testimonial
by Jon Fleischman

As an elected officer of the California Republican Party, my least favorite part of the job (by far) is that under the party’s rules I am obliged to “sit out” contested Republican primaries for partisan office.  That having been said, with the election taking place tomorrow, I would not be able to live with myself if I did not take at least a few minutes to talk about a candidate running for State Senate.  Let me preface my brief comments by making it clear that this is not a formal endorsement – consider it more of an “informational item” – as it were.

Joel Anderson, who is currently serving in the State Assembly, is seeking the GOP nomination for the State Senate tomorrow – in the 36th District, where Dennis Hollingsworth is retiring due to term limits.

It is has been my good fortune to know Joel Anderson for over twenty years – and to call him a friend.  When I think about Joel in terms of his attributes, the thoughts that come to mind are integrity, conservatism, courage, activism, loyalty and family.

  • First and foremost, despite what political opponents of Joel would have you think, Joel Anderson is someone who is deeply committed to doing the right thing – and that is whether someone is watching, or not!  I have always found Joel to be possessive a great sense of right and right – a well defined moral compass.
  • Joel and I cut our political teeth in the Reagan era, and I think it would be fair to say that our commitment to fighting for freedom and individual liberty has literally defined our lives, and our careers.  Joel is an ideological leader in the legislature, and consistently is the benchmark for where conservatives should be voting on issues.
  • Joel is not afraid to stand up and be counted, either.  There are plenty of times when being a conservative is not helpful politically – especially in a town like Sacramento that tries to “break” conservatives the way that wranglers try to break a bull.  Nevertheless, Joel remains strong, and outspoken in his core values.
  • Joel is a “doer” – as well.  Plenty of people out there talk the talk, but Joel literally walks the walk.  He backs conservatives for elected office at the federal, state and local level.  He mobilizes his considerable resources to promote conservative ballot measures and causes.  He hires and trains up and coming conservatives in both his government office and for campaign activities.  He possesses a strong work-ethic, and thus he never slows down (ask anyone who knows him!).
  • There is no one you would rather have in your corner than Joel.  Whether it is standing toe-to-toe in fighting liberals or his comfort in the face of personal tragedy – Joel possesses deep compassion for his friends, and those of us lucky enough to be his are deeply appreciative.
  • Anyone who knows Joel knows that his wife and children are the center of his life.  If you don’t believe it, just talk with him about his family – he won’t stop – he’s that in love with the whole bunch.

I will close this “testimonial” about Joel to say that I am very proud of his success in politics, and in life.  Good luck tomorrow, buddy.  I can’t formally endorse you.  And since I am not your neighbor, I cannot vote for you.  But at least our readers in your district will know exactly what I think about you — and they can take that into account as they go to the polls.



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  1. Good luck Mr. Anderson, we cannot afford Jeff Stone so I pray that you will win tomorrow.

    I wonder when Jeff Stone is going to man-up and admit that he has violated the state campaign finance law. He had his consultant make the announcement but he fails to responsibility and admit that he violated the law.

    And to all those people who confront Jeff Stone during public comments at the Riverside County Board of Supervisor meetings – keep asking Stone when was the last time he taught at CSU Dominguez Hills. He would like you to think he still teaches based on how he lists it on his website, but he hasn’t done so since 2001. Keep asking until he changes it on his website and basically admits to another of many misrepresentations and lies.

  2. Oh and please do click on the information under the video for complete disclosure.

  3. I must admit Combat Sheep I am disappointed that Joel Anderson was not able to attend any of the recent debates or forums. I would have loved to have seen who would have answered for Jeff Stone regarding his violation of campaign finance laws, the conflict of interest charge filed against him as well as the plethora of charges that he copped a plea to concerning his pharmacy.

    You see Jeff Stone has a well established pattern of either ignoring legitimate questions regarding his ethics or he has someone else answer for them. Notice how he handled his recent campaign finance violations? He had his consultant answer the media because Stone believes he is different and does not have to face the piper. Well tomorrow Jeff Stone will face the voters.

    You are angry that Stone is going to lose and I understand your frustration. I would be upset too if I supported a candidate who portrayed himself as being so ethical, only to find out that he has more ethical lapse than all the other candidates in this race combined.

    I have a feeling when Stone is up for re-election in 2012 he may have to worry about losing his supervisor’s seat to Dennis Hollingsworth or some other worthy candidate.

  4. Hey Combat Sheep:

    Joel is going to win this race The majority of this District is in East County and Joel has done a good job for East County Residents. Very few people out here read the UT, I pay zero attention to Jeff’s ad’s or fliers because I know Joel and what he has done. The UT has never told the complete story on Joel and he is one of two people that scored a 100% on the conservative voting guide. You can’t do better than that. I have done opposition research on your candidate and it is not even necessary to bring it all out because Joel is the real deal. We know how he will vote and how he will represent the voters and his conservative stance on everything. All Jeff has done is run a negative campaign. I am not about to cast a vote for someone that never talks about what he has done or will do.

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