Local Republican Voter Surge Still Rolling… Latest 36,087 Mail Ballots break down — 50% Republican — 33% Democrat — 14% Independent ……… (June 5 to 7)

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Mail  Ballots  by Party      06-07-10

36,087 more Mail Ballots have been processed by the
SD Registrar of Voters (covering deliveries of Saturday
and Monday).

And the trend is the same reported here last Friday

50 % of those new ballots came from Republicans,
vs. 33 % from Democrats, 14% Independent and 3%
minor parties.

This should aid candidates Bill Horn, Kevin Faulconer,
Ron Roberts, Jay La Suer Joel Anderson, Lori Zapf,

and other GOP hopefuls.

This in a County where the GOP makes up just 35% of total
registration vs. 36% Democratic.

The running share for all 223,706 mail ballots processed to
date is… 45.2% Republican, 35.6% Democrat, 16.4% Indy
and 2.8 % minor parties.

In short, a 1% GOP registration deficit has turned into a 9% lead based on
higher voter turnout.

38% of Republicans who asked for a mail ballot have
already sent theirs in, compared to 32% for Democrats.

In Raw Vote totals, Republicans trail Democrats in registration countywide
by 5,513. But the GOP now has a 21,669 voter lead among returned mail
ballots (101,323 vs. 79,656)… and that total figures to grow tomorrow.

Many observers believe Mail Ballots will make up an outright majority of all
San Diego county votes cast in the June 8th primary.

This is the latest sign, already noted by National Pollsters, that rank-and-file
Republicans are more motivated this year than their rivals. That was NOT
the case in 2006 or 2008 of course.

If you have a Vote-by-Mail ballot, mark it and send it in. If you forget, you
can still turn it in at your local polling place Election Day or at the Registrar’s
Kearny Mesa office.


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