Money “Trail” in Open Joel Anderson AD 77 Seat

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From my post at FlashReport

Although I might put it a tad more tactfully then “Criticus” did (below) on San Diego Rostra this morning (see Campaign Money in Assembly 77 Race), the overall message is similar for those vying in the open Joel Anderson State Assembly seat:

Uhhhh, you’d better step it up.  That is, if you want to be taken seriously.

Liking and trusting more than one of them, I stated several months ago that my support for any particular candidate may be dependent on how they are doing financially at the end of the 2009.

First sign that none may be doing very well?  Easy.  No press releases or early touting of financial disclosures.  I had to wait all of January.

The jury is still out.  Plus, getting hungry and irritable.  The reports speak very…ummm…quietly:

Santee Councilman Brian Jones
Raised – $22,625.00
Cash on Hand – $20,878.96

Christine Rubin
Raised – $26,891.00
Cash on Hand – $7,112.34

El Cajon Councilman Bill Wells
Raised –  $24,294.00
Cash on Hand – $13,313.47

I would take a nap now, but a little more to report, in that the fourth previously announced Republican candidate, former school trustee Jeff Kover, has dropped out of the 77th race…

Dear Friends,

Due to personal and professional obligations that cannot be set aside, I am withdrawing from the race for the 77th Assembly seat.  The events of this past month have made me realize more than ever that my primary obligations of being a high school vice-principal and a husband and father don’t always allow the time necessary to devote to an active and successful campaign.

I am heartened by and grateful to all who have endorsed my campaign and supported it.  To all who gave advice, money, and time, thank you.  I am also encouraged that regardless of the outcome of this race, the East County will continue to have a strong conservative voice in Sacramento.  My best wishes go to all of the candidates.


Jeff Kover


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  1. The posts on here about money and candidates reminds me of those sports guys you listen to at the beginning of the season who keep talking about the Colts and the Steelers and then BAM…the Saints are in the Super Bowl. Or back in 2002 when all anyone talked about when it came to baseball was the Yanks and BAM…Anaheim wins it in 4.
    And what happens when a candidate raises a bunch of money and wins? Half of you will talk about all the special interest contributors he’s beholden to.
    And what happens when a candidate wins without a bunch of money? Everyone talks about how THIS is the kind of leader we need in Sac or D.C.

  2. Post

    The piece is of course meant as “inspiration” to the candidates, not as a chastisement.

    Hi Lorena: I’ll buy that to a certain extent; but I know that each of the candidates decided to announce and start campaigning prior to Joel making it formal/final, because none of them could afford to wait, as each of them needed to raise bucks in the interim. Joel himself has made it clear that he has no problem with them fundraising, as they are all on record that they won’t be running if he were to seek re-election. So, that leaves the rightful assumption that no donor wants to appear to be contributing against a sitting incumbent. Thus, I understand some of the small bankroll, but not all of it. I would think that sitting officeholders would be doing better at this point….and, I am letting them know!

    Hi Michael: Sports often makes a good analogy to politics. The number of candidates over the years that told me that they weren’t going to raise a lot of money because they didn’t want to be beholden to anyone…I can place that number in the several dozen. The number of them that actually won…I can count on one hand. The political landscape is littered with the carcasses of those that “thought” they could win without having the resources to get a message to the voters. Yes, I know, the landscape has changed and candidates all over are going to win because of mass voter frustration and the tea party movement, right? I would say those things are substantial, dependent on the race, but in most cases it will be those candidates that help themselves that will be further bolstered by sentiments and movements, not those that do little for themselves and expect the movement to carry them.

  3. Barry,

    I am not under the illusion that money is meaningless or that the Tea Party will lead us all to the land of milk and honey. I just meant money isn’t everything.

    Perhaps my comment sounded like it was aimed at you. It was not. There were three “money” blogs in a row and yours was the only one that made “cents”. (Get it?) I probably should have made my comment under the Jeff Stone story.

  4. Post

    Thanks, Michael, didn’t take it that way, just having the continuing discussion. Agreed, money isn’t everything. We’ve seen candidates with far less money and a great ground effort defeat high rollers with no grassroots volunteers. I like your milk and honey comment, since we all know that money in politics has been compared to natural milk.

  5. “So, that leaves the rightful assumption that no donor wants to appear to be contributing against a sitting incumbent.”

    Not really. No donor wants to contribute money for a race that might not happen. The odds at this point are that Joel will not run for the State Senate. He has too much, too recent baggage to make it through what will be a tough primary. By contrast, he will hardly have to run at all to keep his seat in the Assembly.

    He really should announce one way or the other, though — and soon. IIRC, he orginally promised a decision by the beginning of the year.

  6. The San Diego DSA just announced in the February issue of “Silver Star” that Joel Anderson got the endorsement for the 36th Senate District.

  7. Post

    I agree with Mike T. That too may also be a rightful assumption. Too as in also. I heard complaints from some candidates about donors citing both as reasons.

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