Sheriff’s Race Dwindles to Three

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Unless Bruce Ruff plans on walking into the Registrar of Voters, paying his filing fee, taking out his nomination form, and returning with 20 signatures in the next half-hour, he’s out.

Let’s put it this way.  He’s out.

For a guy whose campaign kept promising information that would blow the top off the race, Ruff’s campaign ends rather quietly.

It makes things  just a little less lively, not having Ruff as the campaign side show.

Count Jim Duffy, Bill Gore, and Jay La Suer left standing.


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  1. I like Bill Gore a lot. He was a leader through the horrible tragedy with Amber and Chelsea. Looking forward to voting for him in June.
    Any sign that Duffy has any chance at all considering that everyone sees Gore as a Sheriff and not as an appointee?

  2. If this is the case. I would think Jay is going to pick up whatever votes Mr. Ruff had coming. Like some of the 131,000 Mr. Ruff always told us about…..Thanks Bruce.

  3. Not everyone sees Gore as Sheriff. I did not vote for him; he was shoved down my throat. Inept bumbler. He exploited the King family shamelessly; why is it, that somehow when there is a murder investigation, we do not see Gore behind the microphone? And frankly, what in the heck was Lansdown doing, turning this case over to the Sheriffs Department. The King case was clearly a San Diego Police Department case. I guess Sanders and Landsdown are backing Gore? I’ll have to check out his endorsement page. I’d take La Suer or Duffy over that baboon anytime.

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