Anderson Makes it Official in SD 36

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From today’s column at the FlashReport

Coming as no surprise to many political watchers, while ending months of speculation for others, Assemblyman Joel Anderson (R-77) today made it official that he is seeking the San Diego-Riverside area Senate seat currently held by a term-limited Dennis Hollingsworth.

“I’m running for Senate because my work in the legislature is not done,” Anderson said. “California is at a tipping point and our state needs a strong conservative voice to stand up against calls for higher taxes, one who will fight to bring jobs back to our Golden State.”

Anderson’s recent legislation includes the IOU Taxpayer Protection Act.  The bill was recently praised as a model for bipartisanship by new Democratic Assembly Speaker John Perez in his inaugural address.

Anderson has earned Straight A’s from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and 100% ratings from the California Taxpayers Association.  The California Republican Assembly has given him a perfect voting record for each year since 2006 he has served in the Assembly.

He has been endorsed for Senate by Congressman Duncan Hunter and the California Pro-Life Council.

Other Republicans running for the 36th District seat include Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone and Murrieta Schools Trustee Ken Dickson.

The four Republicans vying for the 77th Assembly District have all been waiting with anticipation for a formal announcement by Anderson that he in fact would not seek re-election to the seat.  The candidates are Richard Bailey, Santee Councilman Brian Jones, Christine Rubin and El Cajon Councilman Bill Wells.


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  1. But the most important endorsement comes from the people, like me. I endorse Joel, I’m proud to say, and I do live in his district.

  2. OK, I’ve got to pay more attention to the whole typing thing…
    That should say “Jerome Stocks” says:
    “Right On, Go Joel!”

    My apologies…

  3. From his Iran divestment law to his support for Off-Roaders to his support for traditional marriage to his support for home schoolers to his bill to force CA to accept it’s own IOUs to his unwavering support of conservative principles – I’m one conservative supporting Joel, a leader who actually produces legislation that promotes conservatism!

  4. I’ve been watching this race and I live in Joel Anderson’s district. The money laundering of $20k through the Bakersfield Republican Party and his former colleagues on the Padre Dam Water District saying he doesn’t have the morality to hold office has me very, very worried. Integrity is too important. I do not think I can vote for him for this position. Am I alone?

  5. I have known Joel and his family for more than a dozen years. These are the kind of people you would want as friends and to be neighbors with your children and family.
    You should know that Joel’s former board members at Padre Dam were advocates of raising water fees and taxes; Joel stopped them. The money transfers you mention are legal and are used by both parties and many candidates. In this case, paying a fine and setting the matter aside made more sense than responding to incessant anti-GOP media and liberal attackers.
    Joel is very available to the people he represents, and I’m sure you would feel as I do about him if you met him. I’m very proud to support him.

  6. Whether or not having Anderson and his family as your neighbors is true or not has nothing to do with him representing me in the Senate. He is my neighbor. How would I know if he is a good neighbor or not, he is never around. I can tell you one thing though; our damn water rates up here in Alpine (Harbison Canyon) are sky high! Saving us money? Not! And the money laundering Veronica talks about? It’s not over. I heard that file is still open and there are several people in high offices looking a lot closer at it. Does it not strike any one as odd out there that Mr. Jantz is so passionate about defending his friend over this money laundering but when the whole thing was going down,and Anderson was being actively investigated, Mr. Jantz said not one word; very much unlike the usual cutting edge reporting/blogging he usually does. Where I come from, we call that Malarkey!

    Anderson is a no go. Good Riddance, neighbor!

  7. Please show me where Jantz has been, as you say, “so passionate about defending his friend over this money laundering.” Where?

    Even this post about Anderson making it official includes only facts about what Anderson said about getting in the race and the endorsements he has received for his campaign. I was surprised that Barry didn’t include more outright advocacy for Anderson. Which, knowing Barry, may mean more in what it doesn’t say than what it does say. But, I don’t believe I have seen Jantz anywhere defend Anderson’s campaign financing problems.

  8. Please note in my column the blatancy with which I failed in the sixth paragraph to even note the other leading Republican contenders in the Senate race, not even providing a link to their respective websites. What bias I have!

    I will agree with “Mr. O’Malley” on his point about my “usual cutting edge reporting/blogging.” I appreciate that.

  9. Show of hands….is there anyone here who did NOT know about the Anderson money thing? No? Everyone already knew?

    OK. Then let’s stop attacking Barry for not reporting on Joel’s money laundering that everyone already knew about. Good grief.

    Is this an example of shooting the non-messenger?

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