Arkan Somo on the Race for the 77th Assembly District

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In a prior post regarding the 77th Assembly District, a commenter recently asked about the candidacy of local businessman Arkan Somo, long considered a potential contestant for the seat.   Mr. Somo shared his answer with me, and is glad to have it published exclusively here on SD Rostra…

Arkan's Photo DSC_3399Guest Column
by Arkan Somo

The rumor of me considering jumping in the 77th race was accurate. I can’t tell you how much I have been moved by the responses I received from friends, family members and people from all walks of life. It is truly humbling and gratifying to hear their encouraging comments to run.

After long discussions with my wonderful wife Baydaa and my four kids we came to the same conclusion as you and your wife Colleen. Going to Sacramento three/four days per week will not be constructive to my family’s well being.

I made a promise to those who kept asking when and if I would announce my candidacy for the 77th. My promise was that when I make my decision they would read about it in your blog. Today, I am fulfilling that promise.

Now, I am certain the next question is going to be which of the candidates I will be supporting for the 77th. Given the fact that our friend Assemblyman Joel Anderson will announce his candidacy to run for Senate soon, I will be supporting Bill Wells. I met Bill five years ago when we both were candidates for the first time and we became good friends. I like Bill’s stands on the issues; smaller government, less taxes, defender of the right of the unborn and protector of the Second Amendment.  What I like even more about Bill is his down to earth demeanor and his humility and his unwavering principle to defend our freedom and liberty.

Good luck to all the candidates. I think they are all wonderful.  God bless.


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  1. The question about assembly salaries was put to one of the candidates a week ago, with no answer. Any kind of answer would be nice.

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