Valley News: Jeff Stone defeats Joel Anderson

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Tuesday night the Valley News in Riverside erroneously reported that County Supervisor Jeff Stone defeated Assemblyman Joel Anderson for the 36th Senate District seat, apparently because the reporter was only looking at the Riverside portion of the results.

A new story has since been posted, without a trace of the incorrect report or a correction.

Here is the first part of the story that was…and wasn’t…and now never existed:

Stone-Defeats-Anderson_paper_V1Supervisor Stone declared winner in 36th Senate race

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
Issue 23, Volume 14

MURRIETA – Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone was the easy winner today in the race for the Republican nomination for the 36th Senate district seat being vacated by veteran lawmaker Dennis Hollingsworth, R- Murrieta.

He fended off competition from Assemblyman Joel Anderson, R-Alpine, Rancho San Diego pastor Greg Stephens and Murrieta attorney Kenneth Dickson.

By the way, since I posted this on the FlashReport yesterday, I’ve received more than one comment “letting me know” this is kind of like the classic Dewey-Truman reporting error (only not as big).  Uhhh, yes, I thought the fake photo made that fairly clear.

I also had some people tell me to lay off the Valley News.  My response:  Get a sense of humor.

Photo thanks to Why we protest


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  1. Well you do need to cut them a little slack. It is Riverside County and the pony express only comes through on Thursdays and Mondays. I figure they should get the word by late this afternoon.

  2. We did try to update them via both Morse Code and Iron Horse, but someone had cut the lines and put a penny on the tracks.

  3. SW Riverside News Network has pulled their story. Didn’t happen. Ministry of Truth.

  4. Yes, do have that suit cleaned, since it is rife with stained pharmaceuticals from your opponent.

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