Breaking News: Steve Vaus Launches Bid for Poway City Council in Recall Election

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Steve Vaus, who successfully coordinated the petition drive to place the recall of City Councilwoman Betty Rexford on the ballot, today announced that he will seek the Poway City Council seat to potentially be decided as part of the June 6 election.

On his website, Vaus announces, “I launched the Recall Rexford campaign with one goal . . .to give the people of Poway a voice in holding an official accountable for her actions. Now, having spent months talking to voters while getting the Recall on the ballot, it’s clear to me Poway residents want their voices to be heard on other vital issues as well. That’s why I’m running for City Council — to work for the people and with the people — on the issues that matter to them.”

Voters in Poway will decide the fate of Rexford, as well as a replacement councilmember should the recall be successful.

Rexford has been under fire for several months, faced with allegations of abusing the power of her office and demanded preferential treatment from the Poway Fire Department. All of her colleagues on the council, as well as the Poway News Chieftain and Union-Tribune have asked her to resign, to no avail.

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  1. I’m saddened by this. This makes me question the real motive behind his actions during the recall efforts. He should have waited until the November election to run.

    What amazes me are people that decide to run with really no real community involvement prior to an election. To really understand the community, you have to serve. This could be with a school, scouts, sports, church, or whatever. Money won’t buy my vote, but active involvement in a community (Thus knowing the community) will.

    I’m really not too impressed with most of the candidates who are running; however, Chuck Cross is a good choice for Poway Council because of his YEARS of community involvement in many areas. He might not have the money, but he is well qualified.

    Here is Chuck’s website for Council-

  2. This is truly an AH HA moment. Now we know why Vaus was so adamant to get rid of Betty Rexford — so he could run for her City Council seat. He did wait ’till the last moment to file his papers so he could say this was a last minute decision — yeah, right! I heard the rumors of his running some time ago. He got the political bug before he ran for school board in Scripps Ranch and lost.

  3. Roger – if you look at Steve’s qualifications he meets the criteria you set put in your comments. He’s active in the community – he is active in church, his kids’ sports, their school, is a former volunteer reserve officer. In addition, he pulled together a community and told City Hall enough! He meets and exceeds your criteria.

    Now if what you’re really saying is – we should choose someone who has close ties to the existing Poway leadership which allowed Betty to run amuk and has cost this City thousands, well then I’ll have to say no thanks to Cross. If what you’re saying is the only way someone can be qualified to run for Poway City Council is to be in the developer’s back pockets well then no thank you to that as well.

    I think this is the logical conclusion Steve had to come to. He knows more about the workings of this City and how they have led to a Council that is broken. He organizes and brings multiple factions together and got everyone on the same page.

    That’s leadership we need. Cross simply doesn’t have those leadership skills.

  4. Somehow you twisted my words around. I’m not going to try to do the same with your words. If you have issues with Chuck, then so be. My big issue with Vaus is how he “finally” decided to run at the end. Rexford made a comment but how she would not be surprised if he ran, and guess what? She was right.

    On another note, look at how money wins elections in Poway. If you have the money, you can win, but then it’s like this for most races. It’s not who is the best, but who can get their name out.

    If you knew me, you would know that I’m very independednt. I will analyze teh entore situtation. I still think they should ahve gotten Emery to fill out Mickey’s term. As I recall, when Don was Mayor once before, he prety much gave that seat to Mickey because his work load at his “real” job was too much. It’s interesting that he has enough time now.

    I’d like to see not only Poway, but all elected officilas give up their benefit package. There is no reason why we should pay for theri medical adn retirement (Among other things). Politicans should rely on theri “real” job for that.

  5. Roger – interesting comments. But I have found that for one to be a leader you have to BE a leader.

    Vaus has shown he is a leader with integrity, ethics and the ability to get the job done. He has solid ideas for change in Poway.

    He’s demonstrated leadership in a number of other areas as well – not just leading a successful petition drive to get the Recall on the ballot. He’s served the community in a number of areas over the years – school, sports, reserve officer.

    What I find interesting is that while Cross and the others “opposed” the Recall they are the first to jump on the bandwagon to be elected to fill Betty’s spot. I would think if they opposed the Recall they would be standing behind Betty and supporting her finishing out her term and then run in November. So there is a bit of hypocracy there.

    As far as money makes the election – since a person can only donate $100 maximum I’m not too concerned with extraordinary amounts of money being donated to anyone’s campaign.

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