Vaus Endorsed by Republican Party in Poway City Council race

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Steve Vaus, the leader behind a full-fledged effort to recall Betty Rexford from the Poway City Council, last night overwhelmingly  earned the support of the Republican Party of San Diego County in his own campaign for the seat.

“Even in a non-partisan race it’s a great honor to be endorsed by the Republican Party,” said Vaus.  “My allegiance is foremost to the people of Poway regardless of their political affiliation, yet given my conservative values and Poway’s demographics this endorsement is a tremendous boost for my  candidacy.”

To endorse in a non-partisan race, the local GOP requires a vote by at least 2/3 of its voting members.  The tally at the Party’s monthly meeting was more than 80 percent in favor of Vaus.

“Steve Vaus is a no-nonsense leader who stepped up (to expose councilwoman Betty Rexford) when no one else had the courage to do so,” said Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric. “He is exactly the kind of citizen legislator we need in office. We unequivocally endorse him for Poway city council.”

For more on the June 8 Poway recall election and the campaign to replace Rexford, click here.


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  1. Even though I am a registered and practicing Republican, I wish partisanship would stay out of non partisan races. I doubt the Democrats will come out and endorse Pete Babich (The only known Democrat in the race) because they know Poway tends to vote conservative. Their kiss could be the end of Pete’s chances.

    I notice that the American Independent Party has mention of Steve-

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