Illegal immigration flares on both sides of the issue

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The newly minted Customs and Border Protection Commissioner (CBP) appointee, Alan Bersin made a stop in San Diego to talk about an issue that is sweeping the country – illegal immigration.

The forum started rather interesting as Bersin added a disclaimer – in discussing this topic we should be focused on the future of immigration and port security not the past. Translation, the U.S. doesn’t want to talk about the drug cartel violence in Mexico, the lack of border security at the border or immigration crisis currently gripping the country.

After the forum Bersin took four questions from the media, three were asked and answered in Spanish while only one was in English. The event was held in a Chapel at Point Loma Nazarene University with approximately 200 college professionals and community business leaders.

Bersin’s speech centered on keeping the lanes moving across the border ports of entry, the implementation or increase of SENTRY program applicants (A fast-track lane used by those who America trusts and have passed background checks) and sharing information with Mexican counterparts.

“We have to pre-clear more of the trucking lines,” Bersin said. “It’s something I call the new bargain. Neither Mexicans or Americans like to share information with their government it’s built into the DNA of our culture…with technology we can change that,” he said.

The CBP head honcho tried to relay a message to the audience that America is lucky to not have the spillover violence, especially since Mexico is in the middle of a narco-war.

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