John McCann Endorses Prop G in Chula Vista

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From Chula Vista Councilmember John McCann.  Watch the video…

by John McCann

Prop G, the Fair and Open Competition Ordinance, guarantees that all qualified contractors and workers, both Union and Non-Union, have the opportunity to compete for public construction projects in Chula Vista.

Prop G will stimulate a quality Bayfront project, the completion of a four-year university, and state and federal projects in Chula Vista. Prop G will also benefit local Veterans by providing local job opportunities.

Prop G will save taxpayers money! A study by the State of California showed that fair and open competition can save taxpayers up to 20% on public projects. This savings then can go to essential services like Fire and Police or help lower your taxes.

Prop G will create more local jobs. Over 80% of our qualified local construction workers are not members of a Union and could lose out on the ability to compete for jobs on our City’s public construction projects without Prop G. In addition, returning Veterans need jobs and opportunities, and Prop G protects their right to work on public construction projects without being forced to join a union.


The Union-Trib also endorsed Prop G over the weekend…


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  1. Thank you for your service to our country, and your leadership to Chula Vista. Vote Yes on Prop G!

  2. Mr Maccann oviously has no concern for the Chula Vista worker, this measure only bennefits Mr Maccann and greedy contractors, it will ban qualified, educated and experienced workers just because they belong to a union. this measure will not save money to the city of Chula Vista. we will loose federal and state funding, not to mention the quality of work will go down, Discriminating on a group of people IS NOT a service to our country, it is a shame, shame on Maccann. VOTE NO ON PROP G,

  3. Post

    Vote Yes on G if you can spell and formulate a sentence.

  4. Did you read the proposition? It does NOT ban any union employee from working on city projects… all it does is ALLOW those that are not union to compete with the Unions. COMPETITION IS GOOD. The unions are afraid because they will no longer be able to over charge and force the taxpayers to pay their inflated rates. VOTE YES ON PROP G…

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