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Did Jerry Rindone Lie to the Republican Party?

Friday, January 20, 2012
posted by Right Vu

Is it just my interpretation or did County Board of Education Member Jerry Rindone give the proverbial finger to Tony Krvaric and the Central Committee at the endorsement proceedings a couple of weeks back?

First off, let me say how disappointed several Central Committee members were when the vote was taken via voice vote in a room full of both members and non-members. This is not historically how the Party has taken endorsement votes, in the past doing so by ballot.


It’s no secret that various interest groups have been actively lobbying the San Diego Redistricting Commission over the past few months. One of the most active groups has been Empower San Diego which even managed to get one of their own, Commissioner Theresa Quiroz on the actual commission and who has been carrying their water ever since.

The commission has arrived at a preliminary map which has been generally well received by the Latino, African-American, gay and various community groups. Even the business community seems OK with the map – as evidenced by emails I saw from the San Diego Chamber and San Diego Taxpayers Association.


Last week I wrote a column about SD Rostra’s success in correctly predicting Upset victories in June by Juan Vargas and Lorie Zapf.

Not very controversial, right?

But a writer for a SD liberal publication attacked, saying (A) Zapf’s victory was no surprise, and (B) no one said she would miss the runoff and (C) we Rostrafarians were “Morons”.

As Jack Benny used to say, “Well !”

But was the Last Angry Man right in his basic complaint? We did some fact-checking to see and found these quotes of note:


Lessons from 2010 Primary …..Whose Polls can you Trust?

Sunday, July 25, 2010
posted by Jim Sills

In the last month before the June primary, Barry Jantz reported a poll showing a close race between Howard Wayne and Lorie Zapf in SD city council district 6.

Soon after, I reported on polling which showed Juan Vargas leading Mary Salas outside SD County and would likely win the 40th senate Democratic primary.

Barry Jantz took flack from some in the local MSM, who demanded documentation and sourcing on these polls. Barry replied that many posters here are political professionals and, as such, “hear” breaking info which doesn’t reach traditional media, and which are told us on the basis of no attribution.


FlashReport: Salas Concedes to Vargas

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
posted by Thor's Assistant

From: @FlashReport
Sent: Jul 21, 2010 10:11p
**Breaking News** Moments ago Salas called Vargas and conceded the 40th SD Dem Primary. The recount is over!
sent via UberTwitter
On Twitter:

Read additional comments from Jim Sills’ prior post this evening:


UPDATE, 9:15 pm, July 21st
Today’s San Diego county recount results are in for SD 40. They show a net 1 vote loss for Salas in this county. Earlier this evening, Riverside released their Day 3 Recount report, and Salas lost a net 3 votes there.

Juan Vargas’ totals remained unchanged today in each county. Both San Diego and Riverside re-checked 12 precincts each today.

For the moment, that moves the overall Juan Vargas lead to + 26 votes district-wide in the 40th state senate Demo primary.

Stay tuned to SD Rostra for all the live, local and late-breaking coverage.


Update [9:50 pm, July 20, 2010]
San Diego county just chimed-in with their numbers on Day 2 of
the Juan Vargas-Mary Salas recount. They examined 16 more
precincts today.

Net Result… Juan Vargas is still + 22 votes ahead of Mary Salas
district-wide in SD 40.

Salas added 3 new votes in San Diego, but had 1 disqualified.
Vargas added one new vote from Today, and one new vote
from Yesterday’s count (in Chula Vista’s precinct 52640).


Overheard Downtown This Afternoon

Monday, July 19, 2010
posted by Criticus

At lunch this afternoon my guest and I happened to sit next to what I presume to be a couple of Democrat legislative staff. The conversation: how hard State Senate President Darrell Steinberg had fought to make sure Vargas lost to Salas in the 40th State Senate District, and what the ramifications would be when Vargas is sworn in. IF Vargas is sworn in. Their take (and I can’t honestly say I know that much about state politics in Sacramento) was that Vargas is a moderate, Steinberg is a liberal, and that Vargas and the moderates now had the votes to either replace Steinberg or make his life miserable.


Update [2:00 a.m.], Tuesday, July 20
Late Monday night, Riverside County posted recount results for 5 precincts within that county. The net result is a gain of 1 vote for Mary Salas in our neighbor county.

* * *

Day 1 of the 40th state senate recount is over in San Diego county. Juan Vargas began the day leading by 22 votes overall in the 3-county district.

And the 1st Day recount figures from San Diego show that 13 precincts from Chula Vista and Coronado were checked for accuracy with a Manual (aka “Hand”) count vs. the original machine count.


Liti   Gators

Everything the public knows about Recounts is Wrong.

There is almost no chance of a missed precinct or a math error erasing any part of Juan Vargas’ 22-vote lead over Mary Salas in Senate district 40. The recount will go through the motions, but no one expects to find that kind of flub.

No, sportsfans, The Real Game involves votes that were Not Counted at all ! They are mail-in and Provisional ballots which were disqualified by Registrar of Voters’ staff owing to apparent errors by those would-be voters.


closer    look

2ND UPDATE (5:50 a.m., Tuesday) The Imperial Valley Press reports today
the Mary Salas campaign did not seek a recount in Imperial County.
Vote recounts will proceed, however, in San Diego and Riverside counties.

UPDATE [6:10 pm, Monday]… The Sacramento Bee’s “Capitol Alert” has confirmed the Rostra story, saying Salas filed recount papers today in SD and also in Riverside county…… The Capitol Alert article came at 5:39 pm, a half hour after the Rostra post.

Reliable sources tell SD Rostra the Mary Salas campaign has taken
the necessary steps to trigger a recount of Senate Dist. 40 ballots
within San Diego county. If initiated, the count will take place in a few days.


July 10         Vargas  Verge  of  Victory

UPDATE…. 7 am, Saturday, July 10, 2010 Riverside County just put up
another new vote count at 6 a.m. today. They tabulated just 5 votes in
SD 40… and all 5 of them went to Juan Vargas.

That puts Juan Vargas at +22 overall in the sprawling 3-county district….
Juan Vargas now… 24,282…. while Mary Salas …24,260
This story will continue to develop, and SD Rostra will follow it for you.

* * *

Late tonight (Friday) the Riverside County Registrar of Voters posted
NEW NUMBERS in the ultra-close Juan Vargas v. Mary Salas state
senate primary, which spans part or all of San Diego, Imperial and
Riverside counties.


July 9          Riverside  Late  Show   SD 40

Riverside county judge Mac Fisher today ordered the Riverside Registrar of Voters to count 12,500 mail ballots which were picked up a day after the June 8th primary election.

Judge Fisher ruled the mix-up between the Postal Service
and the Registrar should not bar those voters from being heard. (Hat tip to reporter Duane Gang of the Press-Enterprise who filed a story from the court room).

SD Rostra estimates roughly 450 of those 12,500 ballots will be from registered Democrats choosing between Juan Vargas and Mary Salas in the slice of Senate District 40 which over-laps Riverside.

Comments Off on Judge today orders counting of “Late” Riverside mail ballots in Juan Vargas v. Mary Salas primary

July 6           Vargas  holds   12-vote  lead

How close is the 40th senate primary? It’s so close that discovery of one new vote is a big deal!

Mary Salas added 1 vote in San Diego last Friday…but then Juan Vargas gained 1 new ballot in Riverside county over the weekend.

Net result? Juan Vargas maintains a 12-vote lead in your updated district-wide totals… Vargas…24,139….Salas….24,127.

Still to come: a Friday court hearing in Riverside which likely will order the Registrar there to count late mail ballots wrongly delivered a day after the election. I estimate about 450 more
Vargas/Salas votes will be counted as a result.

Comments Off on July 6th — Juan Vargas gains 1 vote in Riverside, and now leads Mary Salas by 12 votes Overall

June  30         vargas   doubles His Lead

Juan Vargas doubled his Lead over Mary Salas moments ago
in the 40th state senate cliff-hanger. The SD County Registrar
counted 22 more ballots in that race today, and they split 14
for Vargas, to 8 for Salas
That increases the Vargas lead in
the 3-county district from 6 votes last Friday, to 12 votes today.

……………………. UPDATE 8 p.m.:

Late this afternoon the efficient folks at SD Registrar of Voters
completed their count of the last 25 ballots from the primary
election. They found 1 more vote for Mary Salas, reducing the
Vargas lead district-wide to 11 votes.


June  28         Vargas   v   Salas

San Diego County tabulated 90 additional votes Monday in the
ultra-close 40th state senate primary… and they split 45 for Juan
and 45 for Mary Salas…

That means Juan Vargas remains your Leader in the Clubhouse
district-wide with 24,124 votes to 24,118 for Mary Salas.

There are NO new updates so far today from Riverside or Imperial
counites. All of Imperial is in the 40th senate district, and roughly
8% of Riverside county.


June  25        Vargas   v   Salas  40  new

Completing an astonishing week-long comeback , Juan Vargas today claimed the LEAD over rival Mary Salas in their classic 40th district Democratic primary.

San Diego’s Registrar posted new results minutes ago.  No updates yet today in Riverside or Imperial counties.

The new overall totals for the three-county district are….
….Vargas….24,079…. Salas…. 24,073.

Vargas added 66 new San Diego votes today, while Salas received 59, a net gain of 7 votes for Vargas.

Their great race is not over yet… Riverside county has 12,000 uncounted ballots caught in a SNAFU with the Postal Service (a Judge will decide if those will be counted)….


ONE  Vote        salas  v   vargas

Does One Vote really matter? …. YES ! … With updates
today from Riverside and Imperial counties, State Senate
rivals Juan Vargas and Mary Salas are now just ONE
vote apart.

Vargas today added 16 votes to his Imperial lead (from
+911 to +927). Vargas reduced Salas’ lead in San Diego
from +853, to +822, this afternoon.

So your Updated June 24 totals for this 3- County senate
district are…. Mary Salas…24,014….Juan Vargas…24,013.

Riverside county (where Salas is + 106 votes)
did its most recent update last night.

Bulletins as they Break…. but think RECOUNT.


96  votes       Salas  v   Vargas

Oh Doctor ! …… What a 9th Inning rally Juan Vargas is putting on right now in the 40th State Senate district.

Today Vargas gained 54 more votes on Mary Salas in the San Diego County update (288 to 234). When added to totals in Imperial and Riverside counties, that cuts Ms. Salas’ overall lead district-wide to just 96 votes. (There were no updates in the other 2 counties today.)

Overall figures for this three-county contest as of June 23rd:
…. Mary Salas… 23,806…..Juan Vargas….23,710.

A possible Lesson in this evolving story? Never underestimate a Jesuit-trained opponent (which Mr. Vargas is). Not for nothing are the Jesuits affectionately called the Marine Corps of the Catholic Church !


Nail-biter      Salas  v   Vargas 40

In recent days, Juan Vargas has quietly closed ground on Mary Salas in their contest for the 40th senate Democratic nomination. The district includes parts of S.D., Imperial and Riverside counties.

But today Vargas really surged. Imperial County’s update showed the Vargas lead there growing to 911 votes, up from 809 yesterday. The San Diego update reduced the Salas lead here from 928 to 907 votes. Riverside has not updated since June 17, with Salas at +154 there.

Add it all up, and Juan Vargas has clawed to within 150 votes of Salas. Out of 47,000 cast… Salas…23,572…. Vargas… 23,422.


Vargas-Salas Update

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
posted by Barry Jantz

Look at this, in Senate District 40 for the Dem primary…

Mary Salas – 16,609 – 50.6%
Juan Vargas – 16,273 – 49.4%

A 336 vote spread. What is keeping Vargas close is his current 55 percent of the vote in Imperial County. However, Imperial is a small portion of the count, totaling only about 5,680 votes between the two candidates at this point.

On the other hand, Salas has 51.8 percent of the vote in San Diego County, by far the largest portion of the district, as well as 51.3 percent of the vote in Riverside County (darn gerrymandering…three counties).

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The Greatest Story Ever Told, Almost

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
posted by Sunshine

This is a bit lengthy, but worth it…

Let’s start with the biggest, and perhaps least exciting, races for the county (state races to follow tomorrow). In the 50th Dem Primary Francine Busby was selected as the Democrat nominee to lose to Brian Bilbray once more. I don’t think Busby was celebrating her victory, I searched for police reports and couldn’t find any so I guess she called it an early night.

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Juan Vargas has inside track to Win 40th State Senate nomination

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
posted by Jim Sills

Vargas-vs-Salas   SD 40

Six days to go in the Great primary Race between Juan Vargas and Mary Salas for the Democratic nomination in Senate District 40.

The Latest G-2, rumors and reliable sources reviewed by your correspondent suggest that Juan Vargas will upset Mary Salas in this heated contest.

For those just tuning in, incumbent Democrat Denise Ducheny is term-
limited from the seat. Competing for the party nod now are the current (Salas) and former (Vargas) 79th State Assembly members.

In writing about this race back in November, I mentioned Salas already had raised over $200,000, compared to just $10,000 for Juan Vargas. That was a 20-1 ratio.


Vargas   vs    Salas2

…….In a battle of current and former 79th Assemby members,
Juan Vargas (San Diego) will duel Assemblywoman Mary Salas
(Chula Vista) for the 40th state senate nomination. Incumbent
senator Denise Ducheny is term-limited, so Salas and Vargas
will compete in the June 2010 Democratic primary.

There had been a few rumors of such a contest, but today Alan
Hoffenblum’s authoritative “California Target Book” declared the
race is on… and combined with Juan Vargas filing an Intention
statement, that is good enough for this correspondent.


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