Juan Vargas Closing In — now just 96 votes behind Mary Salas in classic State Senate primary

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96  votes       Salas  v   Vargas

Oh Doctor ! …… What a 9th Inning rally Juan Vargas is putting on right now in the 40th State Senate district.

Today Vargas gained 54 more votes on Mary Salas in the San Diego County update (288 to 234). When added to totals in Imperial and Riverside counties, that cuts Ms. Salas’ overall lead district-wide to just 96 votes. (There were no updates in the other 2 counties today.)

Overall figures for this three-county contest as of June 23rd:
…. Mary Salas… 23,806…..Juan Vargas….23,710.

A possible Lesson in this evolving story? Never underestimate a Jesuit-trained opponent (which Mr. Vargas is). Not for nothing are the Jesuits affectionately called the Marine Corps of the Catholic Church !


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  1. …….Hat Tip to “Joe”…

    Indeed at 6:10 pm Wednesday night, Riverside
    County Posted an update in which Juan Vargas
    added 157 new votes, to 109 for Mary Salas.

    So Your NEW running total for all 3 counties is:

    ….. Mary Salas……….23,915
    ……Juan Vargas……..23,867

    That is a gap of 48 only votes (!)….and San Diego
    is set for another update tomorrow.

    Can you say, “Recount”, Boys and Girls?
    No matter who comes out on top this week,
    that looks a certainty.

    Enjoy it, sports fans, frantic finishes like this
    come along once a Decade…if we are lucky.

  2. For those of you asking me whether you won the Primary Election contest, let me ask you… How did you do on your guess in this Salas Vargas race? Yeah, well, I don’t know either. Yet. The winners will be determined when this race is determined.

  3. This could take a while…

    Legal questions around the 12,563 uncounted ballots in Riverside County loom large since surely some are in SD40:


  4. Mary Salas’ lead has shrunk to ONE vote. When someone tells you that your vote doesn’t count. Smack them with this race.

  5. As broken right here on Rostra about three hours ago. See today’s posts.

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