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At lunch this afternoon my guest and I happened to sit next to what I presume to be a couple of Democrat legislative staff. The conversation: how hard State Senate President Darrell Steinberg had fought to make sure Vargas lost to Salas in the 40th State Senate District, and what the ramifications would be when Vargas is sworn in. IF Vargas is sworn in. Their take (and I can’t honestly say I know that much about state politics in Sacramento) was that Vargas is a moderate, Steinberg is a liberal, and that Vargas and the moderates now had the votes to either replace Steinberg or make his life miserable.


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  1. That all sounds accurate and very interesting.

    Depending on the recount results, Mary Salas’ best
    chance may be to fight all the way through to a tough
    court battle in a, ‘contested election’ case.

    A columnist at the liberal ‘Calitics’ website claimed
    last week that Sen. Steinberg had made it known
    he would not help finance such a fight… but if what
    you overheard is right… then the Calitics writer may
    be mistaken.

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