Recount ! — [Updated] — Salas v. Vargas recounts sought in Riverside and San Diego counties

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2ND UPDATE (5:50 a.m., Tuesday) The Imperial Valley Press reports today
the Mary Salas campaign did not seek a recount in Imperial County.
Vote recounts will proceed, however, in San Diego and Riverside counties.

UPDATE [6:10 pm, Monday]… The Sacramento Bee’s “Capitol Alert” has confirmed the Rostra story, saying Salas filed recount papers today in SD and also in Riverside county…… The Capitol Alert article came at 5:39 pm, a half hour after the Rostra post.

Reliable sources tell SD Rostra the Mary Salas campaign has taken
the necessary steps to trigger a recount of Senate Dist. 40 ballots
within San Diego county. If initiated, the count will take place in a few days.

The final margin between Mary Salas and Juan Vargas is just 22 votes
among Democratic voters (24,282 to 24,260) in the 3-county district.

If this happens, we’ll have more info about the process involved. But to
paraphrase a famous ad slogan, “This is not Your Father’s Recount.”
Think Jerry Springer meets Perry Mason with just a dash of full-contact Judo.

Now, Let’s get Ready to Ruuummmmbblllleee !


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