June 30 — Juan Vargas Today Doubles his lead to 12 Votes over Mary Salas in 40th senate primary Drama

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June  30         vargas   doubles His Lead

Juan Vargas doubled his Lead over Mary Salas moments ago
in the 40th state senate cliff-hanger. The SD County Registrar
counted 22 more ballots in that race today, and they split 14
for Vargas, to 8 for Salas
That increases the Vargas lead in
the 3-county district from 6 votes last Friday, to 12 votes today.

……………………. UPDATE 8 p.m.:

Late this afternoon the efficient folks at SD Registrar of Voters
completed their count of the last 25 ballots from the primary
election. They found 1 more vote for Mary Salas, reducing the
Vargas lead district-wide to 11 votes.

Your new totals… Vargas…24,138….Salas…24,127

There are no further updates received yet today from Imperial
or Riverside counties. All of Imperial and about 8% of River-
side are in the 40th state senate district.

Vargas leads in Imperial County (+927)… while Salas has
an edge in Riverside (+106) and San Diego (+809).

But the Salas lead has recently fallen in the latter two
areas…. She was +154 in Riverside last week and +907 in
San Diego.

You read it first again here at SD Rostra, where we are
Live, Local and Late-Breaking..


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  1. For those who remember the popular Spearmint
    chewing gum Television adverts of the past:

    “Double your Pleasure, Double Your Sum,
    with Juan Vargas, Juan Vargas, Juan Vargas’ Puns.”

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