June 28— Juan Vargas STILL 6 Votes Ahead — after new SD County Registrar update

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June  28         Vargas   v   Salas

San Diego County tabulated 90 additional votes Monday in the
ultra-close 40th state senate primary… and they split 45 for Juan
and 45 for Mary Salas…

That means Juan Vargas remains your Leader in the Clubhouse
district-wide with 24,124 votes to 24,118 for Mary Salas.

There are NO new updates so far today from Riverside or Imperial
counites. All of Imperial is in the 40th senate district, and roughly
8% of Riverside county.

There are 12,500 mail ballots “in limbo” at Riverside owing to a
mixup between the County and Postal Service. They have not
been counted, and the County expects a civil rights lawsuit to
bring the matter before Judge for a ruling. The “mixup” caused
those ballots to reach the Riverside Registrar the day after the
June 8th election. And that is the problem.

If a Judge does order they be tabulated, I estimate roughly 450 will be those from Democrats in the 40th Senate district portion.

Is this complicated enough for you ?!


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  1. Not related, but heard Carl’s prop didn’t make the sample and will have to pay for a full count.

  2. Barry Jantz discussed the 40th state senate race tonight
    on KOGO, am-600, in an interview with Chris Reed.
    They agreed the race reflects conflicts within the
    state Democratic party between pro-Business (Vargas)
    and pro-Labor Union (Salas) factions.

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