June 25– Juan Vargas now LEADS Mary Salas by SIX votes in 40th senate Primary

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June  25        Vargas   v   Salas  40  new

Completing an astonishing week-long comeback , Juan Vargas today claimed the LEAD over rival Mary Salas in their classic 40th district Democratic primary.

San Diego’s Registrar posted new results minutes ago.  No updates yet today in Riverside or Imperial counties.

The new overall totals for the three-county district are….
….Vargas….24,079…. Salas…. 24,073.

Vargas added 66 new San Diego votes today, while Salas received 59, a net gain of 7 votes for Vargas.

Their great race is not over yet… Riverside county has 12,000 uncounted ballots caught in a SNAFU with the Postal Service (a Judge will decide if those will be counted)….

AND recounts in ALL THREE counties are a certainty.  And that’s just for openers.

So if you like a good Rodeo/Destruction Derby, stay tuned to this station for weeks to come.

Waiting to face the eventual survivor is Republican nominee Brian Hendry of Chula Vista. His chances suddenly look brighter with discord in the other party.

We will continue to bring you new information on the 40th State Senate primary and Fall runoff.

You read if first on SD Rostra… Live, Local and Late-Breaking.


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  1. This is so fun to watch unfold. Thanks for keeping us informed. Election days are my favorite days of the year but the changing results of this race, the race for 50% in SD15, and the Insurance Commissioner (R) race (no matter how much I can’t stand Villines) have been so exciting…the last 2+ weeks have been like election day everyday.

  2. Too bad that they both can’t lose. Is this the best we can do in getting people to run for public office?

  3. Comments from the FlashReport…

    The Secretary of State’s website (last updated today at 6:32 AM)still has Salas ahead by 10 votes, but, more importantly, voters in Riverside County are going to Court next week to try to get processed some 12,500 ballots, countywide, mailed on time, but misplaced by the Postal Service.

    In the votes counted so far, Salas carried the Riverside County portion of the SD40 so this court case could make-or-break her candidacy.

    (Posted by Dana Reed at June 26, 2010 8:06am)

    You may find that the SoS vote tally for each of the counties is still slightly lower than the county ROV’s have, as the state seems to lag behind by sometimes 36 hours. Yes, the Rostra story noted the Riverside vote situation. Agreed with you, keeping in mind that the Riverside portion of SD 40 is small, so very few of 12,500 votes may be in the district, but significant to this race nonetheless. In the most significant counties congruent with the district… Vargas leads in Imperial and continues to gain on Salas in San Diego, the latter being the portion that is hurting her the most.

    (Posted by Barry Jantz at June 26, 2010 10:02am)

  4. More from Flash…

    Good questions raised. Barry Jantz has covered many of them,
    and here are a few more tidbits.

    (1) The Secretary of State site has still not added the
    Thursday update by Imperial County….. Vargas got 20
    votes In Imperial then, compared to just 4 for Ms. Salas.
    You’ll see that converts a 10-vote Salas lead district-wide
    into a 6-vote Vargas edge, (24,079 to 24,073).

    (2) Vargas has been gaining in ALL 3 COUNTIES during
    the late counting…. On Wednesday, June 23, Riverside
    county’s most recent report had 157 new votes for Vargas,
    and just 109 ballots for Salas.

    During the last week, Vargas’ lead rose in Imperial county
    from 809 votes to 927….while Salas’ edge here in San Diego
    fell from 928 ballots to 815.

    (3) The 40th state senate portion is home to 8.2% of all
    Riverside registered voters. So about 1,000 of the disputed
    mail ballots should be in the 40th, and roughly 450 of those
    would likely be from registered Democrats. That would be
    enough to have a major impact if a Judge orders they be

    (4) There are also a few hundred votes left to count in San
    Diego County.

    (5) The possible beneficiary of the drawn-out Democratic
    primary is Republican nominee Brian Hendry, as Barry
    Jantz has pointed out.

    (Posted by james sills at June 26, 2010 12:01pm)

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