July 6th — Juan Vargas gains 1 vote in Riverside, and now leads Mary Salas by 12 votes Overall

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July 6           Vargas  holds   12-vote  lead

How close is the 40th senate primary? It’s so close that discovery of one new vote is a big deal!

Mary Salas added 1 vote in San Diego last Friday…but then Juan Vargas gained 1 new ballot in Riverside county over the weekend.

Net result? Juan Vargas maintains a 12-vote lead in your updated district-wide totals… Vargas…24,139….Salas….24,127.

Still to come: a Friday court hearing in Riverside which likely will order the Registrar there to count late mail ballots wrongly delivered a day after the election. I estimate about 450 more
Vargas/Salas votes will be counted as a result.

Stay tuned for further updates on the closest San Diego state legislative contest in many decades.


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