June 24 — Juan Vargas now ONE Vote (!) Behind Mary Salas….Amazing 40th state senate primary Rolls On

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ONE  Vote        salas  v   vargas

Does One Vote really matter? …. YES ! … With updates
today from Riverside and Imperial counties, State Senate
rivals Juan Vargas and Mary Salas are now just ONE
vote apart.

Vargas today added 16 votes to his Imperial lead (from
+911 to +927). Vargas reduced Salas’ lead in San Diego
from +853, to +822, this afternoon.

So your Updated June 24 totals for this 3- County senate
district are…. Mary Salas…24,014….Juan Vargas…24,013.

Riverside county (where Salas is + 106 votes)
did its most recent update last night.

Bulletins as they Break…. but think RECOUNT.

You saw it first on SD Rostra, where we are Live, Local
and Late-breaking.


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  1. This post was picked-up by “SD Newsfeeds” via Twitter

    http://tinyurl.com/2wxmcnh … via twitterfeed

    ‘SD Rostra… June 24 – Juan Vargas now ONE Vote (!)
    Behind Mary Salas—.Amazing 40th state senate primary’

  2. According to the Sec of State website:

    100.0% ( 478 of 478 ) precincts partially or fully reporting as of June 25, 2010, at 6:32 a.m.

    Mary Salas 23,901 50.1%
    Juan Vargas 23,836 49.9%

  3. The Sec’y of State website runs behind the local ROV updates. That should be obvious, considering the Sec’y of State totals are lower than the numbers we are showing, taken directly from the three counties. The one vote difference is the correct tally.

  4. But, the Times reported it long after Jim broke it yesterday. Also, Cap Weekly has it this morning, but their 48 vote difference in the race is old news, from two days ago. The U-T has yet to mention the closeness of the race, last reporting a couple of days after the election that Salas was pulling away and Vargas wasn’t conceding.

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