Recount Day Two: San Diego and Riverside county updates now show Vargas still +22 votes in SD 40

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Update [9:50 pm, July 20, 2010]
San Diego county just chimed-in with their numbers on Day 2 of
the Juan Vargas-Mary Salas recount. They examined 16 more
precincts today.

Net Result… Juan Vargas is still + 22 votes ahead of Mary Salas
district-wide in SD 40.

Salas added 3 new votes in San Diego, but had 1 disqualified.
Vargas added one new vote from Today, and one new vote
from Yesterday’s count (in Chula Vista’s precinct 52640).

After a conference of the SD Rostra Referees, we’ve concluded the
overall margin remains at exactly 22 votes at the end of
Day 2. You can find the link to today’s San Diego County report
at the bottom of this story.


The first results from Day 2 of the Vargas-Salas recount
come from Riverside tonight. They hand-tallied 11
precincts today, and both candidates added to their totals.

You can read the Riverside Day 2 statistics at this link:

the San Diego Day 2 statistics are at this link:


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  1. I think they broke even today. You are counting the votes from yesterday in your result. Vargas was up one in SD as of yesterday.Thank you for your great coverage of the results. However, I do think that it is still +22.

  2. Actually, I am looking at the PDF and beginning with precint 42806 and concluding with 45991, they both gained 3 votes. What is misleading in the Riverside report is that it says +4 Salas and +3 Vargas and this includes both Monday and Tuesday totals.

  3. The post has been updated to reflect breaking news:
    San Diego county posted THEIR Day 2 recount totals
    at 9:37 p.m. tonight.

    The new figures say Vargas is still at mile post 22.

  4. Just looked at Riverside County…

    Vargas broke even today. However, Salas lost 4 votes. She is down -26 votes pending SD County totals that will probably be posted later tonight.

    More important in this recount is that 3265 out of about 8000 votes have been counted, close to 40% of votes.

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