Recount Day One…Salas Loses 1 Vote in San Diego Registrar’s Report of Senate Dist. 40 Hand count

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Update [2:00 a.m.], Tuesday, July 20
Late Monday night, Riverside County posted recount results for 5 precincts within that county. The net result is a gain of 1 vote for Mary Salas in our neighbor county.

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Day 1 of the 40th state senate recount is over in San Diego county. Juan Vargas began the day leading by 22 votes overall in the 3-county district.

And the 1st Day recount figures from San Diego show that 13 precincts from Chula Vista and Coronado were checked for accuracy with a Manual (aka “Hand”) count vs. the original machine count.

The only change came in Coronado precinct 43900. The San Diego Registrar’s report states, “Challenged Ballot did not Count… (-1 Salas).” The report thus appears to show a net loss of 1 vote for Mary Salas on the day.

You can review today’s SD Registrar’s spread-sheet report here:

The Riverside recount report is here:

Stay tuned to SD Rostra for further updates on this critical legislative
race of statewide signifcance… Know what I mean, Vern ?


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  1. From the Twitter feed…

    8:03 pm – Story to follow… RT @sandiegorostra: #SD40 Watch: Salas loses one vote in first 14 San Diego County precincts counted manually.

    8:18 pm – RECOUNT DAY 1 – Salas loses one vote in SD Registrar’s report of SD40# manual count…

  2. Thanks to Thor’s Assistant for the aid in getting
    this post properly set, notably the link to the PDF
    report by the Registrar.

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