Juan Vargas now within 150 Votes of Mary Salas in the three-county 40th state senate Democratic race

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Nail-biter      Salas  v   Vargas 40

In recent days, Juan Vargas has quietly closed ground on Mary Salas in their contest for the 40th senate Democratic nomination. The district includes parts of S.D., Imperial and Riverside counties.

But today Vargas really surged. Imperial County’s update showed the Vargas lead there growing to 911 votes, up from 809 yesterday. The San Diego update reduced the Salas lead here from 928 to 907 votes. Riverside has not updated since June 17, with Salas at +154 there.

Add it all up, and Juan Vargas has clawed to within 150 votes of Salas. Out of 47,000 cast… Salas…23,572…. Vargas… 23,422.

Assemblywoman Salas was confident enough to declare victory back on Wednesday, June 9th in an interview with the Union-Tribune.. Juan Vargas refused to concede at that time. Now he looks like a prophet.

For the time being, this race is still Too Close to Call.

Imperial county results can be followed at this link:


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  1. I have been told that Tony Atkins will be using her campaign resources to help out Maria Salas and other close races. This may be a reason for Salas confidence. If it was a squeaker before it will surely be less of one now. It is yet another reason the Republican party should have as a goal more competetive races in all districts neccesitating Democrats use their ample campaign funds. Not doing so may make even safe districts more vulnerable. It was Billbray before Davis.

  2. All due respect here, but what are you talking about, Naomi? Toni (with an “i”) will be helping Mary (not with an “ia”) out as the Registrar counts the remaining votes against Vargas? Huh? Or Toni will be helping her out in the November run-off, in a race that will never be a squeaker, due to the huge Democratic advantage in the district? The winner of the Dem primary in the 40th will need NONE of Atkins’ funds, as the presumed incumbency and guaranteed victory in November in a very safe seat will have the third house pouring money in with ease.

  3. Worth mentioning that in 2004 George W. Bush ran close to John Kerry in Senate Dist. 40 …. (115,139 for Kerry to 100,486 for President Bush).

    In 2006 Governor Arnold won SD 40 by a comfortable margin (76,398 to 59,992).

    Not an easy district for Republicans to be sure, but if this is a very good Republican year…. Who Knows?

  4. Atkins might not be able to afford to give money to Salas. There’s a poll that may show Atkins vulnerable in the 76th. Should be finalized tomorrow.

  5. I’ll buy there is a chance that Brian Hendry could be competitive against Vargas or Salas. Maybe. But, Toni Atkins is going to be vulnerable…against Ralph Denney?! Funny.

  6. Give us a link…don’t make us troll any websites to find it. Please.

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