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You wanna win? Be present

Sunday, April 21, 2013
posted by Tony Manolatos

[captionpix imgsrc=”” captiontext=”Dwayne Crenshaw and me”]

Most people know nothing about local politicians and just about everyone else knows one or two things about them. So if the one thing a politician is known for is charm, he or she is probably winning on Election Day.

I haven’t seen any research that tells me this but it’s a theory that makes sense to me. To find out what I’m talking about, chat up San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria. He packs a lot of charm into a 60-second conversation. Gloria, and successful politicians like him, have a genuine interest in people.


New City of San Diego Sales Tax Coming?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
posted by Owen Kellogg

Sounds like it if the new Council President Todd Gloria gets his way. The North County Times reports:

New SD Council President Pitches Tax Increase

Neither new mayor nor council offer immediate reaction to $900 millon proposal

The new president of the San Diego City Council — rising Democratic star Todd Gloria — said he wants to put before city voters a proposed tax hike that would address a nearly $900 million backlog of infrastructure projects.

Gloria announced his idea during Monday’s inauguration speech for his second term. Hours later, his council colleagues unanimously elected him president — a key position at City Hall that allows him to set the panel’s agenda.


Faulconer, Young and Zapf seek "Regulatory Relief" for San Diego businesses

Time is money.” It’s an all-American saying that every small business in San Diego lives by.

Today, City Council President Pro Tem Kevin Faulconer joined Council President Tony Young, Councilmember Lorie Zapf, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and Building Industry Association of San Diego to committ to helping businesses spend less time navigating the City bureaucracy so they can focus on generating more money – for their families, for our local economy, and for job creation.

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The San Diego County Taxpayers calls upon San Diegans to voice their opposition to a proposal by the San Diego City Council to double the so called “linkage fee” charged to construction projects in the City of San Diego. This fee is yet another short-sighted job killer and SDCTA is strongly opposed to this increase.

The Council will also consider setting this fee on “auto-increase” going forward, a sneaky little maneuver which no longer requires a vote of your elected officials to increase this job-killing tax. This action may be taken despite a historic recession and without regard for the concerns voiced by business leaders that this would further hurt jobs creation and economic recovery in San Diego.


Block for Senate, (Insert Name Here) for Assembly

Monday, April 18, 2011
posted by South Bay Sunnycrest

In local political news today, the San Diego Union-Tribune wrote that Marty Block — everyone’s favorite tax-raising-after-he-promised-not-to-do-so Democrat — is looking to run for the State Senate seat currently held by a termed-out Christine Kehoe.

Former Assemblywoman Lori Saldana is in the mix, and there are rumblings that newly-elected Assemblywoman Toni Atkins might jump in.

All depending upon redistricting, of course, SD Rostra’s Jim Sills wrote back in February that Republicans could win a redrawn senate seat. And, with the right candidate, we certainly could!

Wayne says he will return contribution

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
posted by Greg Larkin

Dave Maass of San Diego CityBeat contacted SD Rostra to note that in response to his inquiry resulting from Jim Sills’ post of last night, San Diego city council candidate Howard Wayne said he ordered his treasurer to return the $100 contribution from Amerland’s Jules Arthur.

Rostra has verified the information as accurate; Wayne indicated he has directed the return of the funds.

The other question posed by Mr. Sills yesterday was how Wayne could have taken the donation, given the local media attention regarding the legal travails of Arthur.  That question remains open.


Explosions, Sex, and Politics!

Monday, June 28, 2010
posted by Sunshine

Did that headline make you read this? Good, because this is boring yet so exciting!

Unless you don’t neurotically check your twitter, don’t get breaking political news email pushed to your blackberry, or don’t regularly troll the City Clerk’s office (see: you’re normal), you are just now finding out that Carl DeMaio’s Fair and Open Contracting Ballot Measure, henceforth known as Turbo-Managed Competition, is currently in qualification limbo (see VoSD story).

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The Greatest Story Ever Told, Almost

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
posted by Sunshine

This is a bit lengthy, but worth it…

Let’s start with the biggest, and perhaps least exciting, races for the county (state races to follow tomorrow). In the 50th Dem Primary Francine Busby was selected as the Democrat nominee to lose to Brian Bilbray once more. I don’t think Busby was celebrating her victory, I searched for police reports and couldn’t find any so I guess she called it an early night.

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The Lincoln Club of San Diego County has posted its complete list of ballot recommendations.  If you’re a new reader or need a little refresher, the Lincoln Club is a fiscally conservative organization dedicated to the goal of advancing free market principles and ideas by recruiting, endorsing, and supporting business-friendly candidates, regardless of party affiliation. Lincoln Club members assess whether a candidate is committed to responsible public policy, the expansion of economic opportunity, and promoting an enhanced quality of life.


• Mike Villines, State Insurance Commissioner

• Joel Anderson, State Senate, 36th District


That collective gasp you heard from certain Republicans mid-afternoon on Thursday, April 29 was due to learning that the Lincoln Club of San Diego County had endorsed a Democrat. In this case, it’s Fourth District City Councilmember Tony Young. You can read the formal announcement here.

I’m all about it. While it’s true that you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that’s not a conservative Republican among the Lincoln Club membership (except perhaps a token Libertarian or two), the club isn’t a Republican organization. President & CEO T.J. Zane tells me he has to correct people (especially news media) on this frequently.


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