New City of San Diego Sales Tax Coming?

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Sounds like it if the new Council President Todd Gloria gets his way. The North County Times reports:

New SD Council President Pitches Tax Increase

Neither new mayor nor council offer immediate reaction to $900 millon proposal

The new president of the San Diego City Council — rising Democratic star Todd Gloria — said he wants to put before city voters a proposed tax hike that would address a nearly $900 million backlog of infrastructure projects.

Gloria announced his idea during Monday’s inauguration speech for his second term. Hours later, his council colleagues unanimously elected him president — a key position at City Hall that allows him to set the panel’s agenda.

Neither new Mayor Bob Filner nor Gloria’s fellow council members responded to the proposal on a day filled with ceremonies and celebrations.

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  1. Free advice to “rising Democratic star” Todd Gloria: The best way to short-circuit your political career is to put another sales tax on the ballot.

    The only POSSIBLE way you will get that passed is if you wait until November, 2016. That’s when the misinformed and the clueless turn out en masse to elect a President. It’s the Democrats’ demographic. Even then, it’s doubtful that even the misinformed will want to THEMSELVES pay more taxes. It will be a tough sell, regardless.

    The other elections prior to 11/2016 face a different demographic. A more informed electorate. A more circumspect and less gullible electorate.

    We are waiting and anxious to again defeat the sales tax increase at the polls. Bring it on, Todd!

    If you dare.

  2. Bloomberg Businessweek News,
    by Don Thompson

    “The voters do not want us to burst out of the gate to raise more taxes,” said Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, who was re-elected by senators to that leadership post Monday.

    But he added that “there is an equally compelling danger. It is the danger in being so cautious, so worried about controversy that we fail to take advantage of unprecedented opportunities. Power is, by definition, fleeting. Misuse it and you will lose it. Fail to use it, and it withers away,” he said.

    How will Democrat power be exercised in the city and county of San Diego? I do not believe Democrats intend to let that which they worked so hard for to whither away. Do Republicans have goals to stop them and turn things around? Are Republicans “so worried about controversy” that they will even fail to cast themselves in different ideological molds from Democrats or will they just say,”We are better political bureaucrats than them.” Think Speaker Boehner. Can’t beat something with nothing.

  3. How about if they called it a fee?

    The county raised fees on all sorts of things the past year and a half, and I never saw anything about it here, no comments by Mr. Rider, and no mention in the UT. It made the NCT.

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