The spike in fuel and my letter to Governor Brown

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Like most of you, I am disgusted with the latest spike in fuel prices (okay, I understand that some of you more green-minded readers probably relish the spike in fuel costs). Each time there is a fire, mechanical closure or whatever at any of the refineries in California, I scream and shoot off an email to our elected officials in …

Are they ignorant racists or do they want us to believe their lie?

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Critics smear GOP star Mia Love as an ‘Aunt Tom’… When I see such ignorant comments as in the article linked above I get angry, but then as I start to calm down it dawns on me that those on the left making the comments are the real bigots … or they are trying to influence voters with another …

Steve Baric and the Partisan Democrat

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Our conservative-minded friends up north at OCPolitical in Orange County (imagine them as OC’s version of your trusty SDRostra blog) have been writing lately about a term limits conundrum that’s occurred in their most populous city county seat, Santa Ana. Three-term Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez, a Democrat, is seeking a legal ruling through a third party on whether or not a 2008 ballot …

Should Arlie Ricasa Return to Work?

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Yesterday, the U-T broke the news about Arlie Ricasa receiving clearance to return to her 6-figure salaried position at Southwestern College. Ricasa, a boardmember of the Sweetwater Union High School District, has plead not guilty to eight felony corruption charges. Do you think Ricasa should return to work? Vote in the U-T’s online poll and let your comments be heard!

The Sweetwater Ripple Effect

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You wouldn’t think a corruption scandal in San Diego’s South Bay could have repercussions 700 miles to our east in El Paso, TX. However, the same night Mitt Romney clinched the GOP nomination, 8-term Democratic Rep. Silvestre Reyes was denied a return pass to Congress — despite recent high-profile endorsements and events hosted by former President Clinton, and President Obama. …

Rhinerson Campaign Signs on School Property

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The campaign of Bernie Rhinerson, big labor-backed candidate for San Diego Community College District, has been placing 4′ x 8′ signs on school property throughout the district — as evidenced by the following photos. Rhinerson works as chief of staff for the embattled San Diego Unified School District, and has long been considered the chief architect of the district’s financial insolvency. The daytime photos …