Obama’s Choice

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Last night has put President Obama into unfamiliar territory. For the first time he faces both houses of Congress in opposition to him. The president has only vetoed legislation twice. This let him easily play the GOP as “the party of No.” But if the GOP pushes reasonable legislation (and not try to impeach the first black president) Obama’s veto …

Does Maas miss good journalism or is ‘Sinko DeMaio’ his real end game?

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Your weekend news aggregator leads off with the most interesting local stories of the week and includes links to stories about statewide politics, presidential politics and social media. A DeMaio Documentary might surface if there is any decent dirt to dig up on San Diego mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio, said Republican developer Fred Maas. The project is in the infant stages …

I’m confused. Who is the racist here?

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See Real Clear Politics article. So it’s okay for members of the Democratic leadership to call Tea Party people “racists,” and when you have Herman Cain, an African-American, use the term “brainwashed” regarding blacks who support Obama, you get a Democratic strategist state that Cain is a “racist, bigot,” and that a double standard exists with Cain. My friends that …

Obama Says Recovery “Takes Time” — Historically Not True With Conservative Tactics

Steve Rider Steve Rider 9 Comments

The result was that in roughly 18 months, the country was out of this economic nightmare. Unemployment fell to 6% in 1922 and to 2.3% by 1923. The country was able to trim their debt by 1/3rd. In short, it kicked off the roaring twenties where many average Americans enjoyed unprecedented quality living highlighted by buying their first car, radio, and telephones.