Looming Sequestration and Defense – Obama Pressure to Violate the Law

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Without taking a position on the wisdom of sequestration, I have it on good authority that it is the official policy of the Department of Defense not to plan for the eventuality; despite widespread belief that it will.  In my opinion, this is because the word has come down from the administration to ignore what is happening so that defense contractors who might vote Democrat won’t change their minds.  Of course, its junior enlisted who might be hurt worst, but here is how the administration is protecting them; answer, not much.

Though military paychecks would be protected, enlisted sailors Armstrong has encountered worry about how their housing and health care benefits might be slashed. Accounts for both would likely undergo harsh cost-cutting measures under sequestration.
“Those also are important parts of the troops’ benefit and compensation packages,” she said. “So when you say that personnel accounts are going to be untouched, what we are hearing is: They may be impacted.”
Also heightening anxiety is the dearth of details from the White House and the Pentagon on how the Defense Department would make nearly $54 billion in cuts to defense spending required in 2013 alone, if sequestration is triggered.

Meanwhile, administration pressure on defense contractor not to obey the WARN act is mounting.  Red State tipped us that Lockheed-Martin will not send out layoff warnings, under pressure from the “most corrupt administration, evah.”

More of that famed Obama leadership. These cuts are the law. The Congress hasn’t passed a budget in so long that I can’t recall when it last happened. Passing a budget would be the only way to avoid the cuts; so the President’s policy is to pretend they aren’t happening.


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  1. Rule of Law? An oxymoron for morons. Law and Order is my gig. Political Blood Sport is my hobby. I’d rather castigate the Navy. It really is not Obama, nor was it Bush.

    But Heh heh heh. Which side is your toast buttered on? The Navy butters the toast in San Diego. Your local poly hacks like Carl, Sanders, Donna, et al don’t have a clue. PAPA Doug has a clue as he is a major puppet.

    Get a life, the Navy is bankrupting this country. The Navy is simply a surrogate in San Diego for employment with the Seven Sisters. Good for polyhacks, bad for our country. Only PAPA Dougie wants the Navy. So let Seaquestrianic begin.

  2. Actually, I imagine more of a dark, smoking coffee house with a lot of black turtlenecks and berets. Prophet Erl has a soul path on his chin and a “Ban the Bomb” button on his chest. Every time I read his comments I play the bongos to emphasize the points in his sentences and then snap my fingers over and over again when he is done.

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