Randy Newman sings the race card for the left

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It is very sad the left has decided the only way to win this presidential election is to play the race card. I’ve mentioned this in a previous post.

But what got me going today is the new Randy Newman song, “I’m Dreaming”– where he sings of voting for a “white” president.

I hope this song insults everyone on all sides of the political spectrum, because of its inherent ignorant hatred.  Yes, I acknowledge there will be people on BOTH sides that will be voting for either Obama or Romney based on race alone.  Yet, I have never used race as a factor in my voting. For someone to even consider race would prove them a racist.  I vote for the best qualified person on the ballot, in my view. To even consider race as a factor would be like using a quota system for preference of one group over another.

Does it matter that Newman is a known supporter of Obama? Is there any chance he might have written this to swing votes to Obama? You be the judge.

I will be voting for Romney, and for anyone to call me a racist for doing so, I’m sad to say, is truly ignorant.


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  1. Well, it’s been 34 years since Newman charted. I suspect after a successful career composing movie scores, he decided to reuse the hyperbolic, satiric diddy model for fame.

    I wonder if the Maryland Legislature will try to ban this one?

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