Banning medical marijuana should be a deemed a criminal act

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters 20 Comments

I wanted to add my own personal commentary to the Bilbray story about his daughter using medical marijuana. It’s rare that I have an emotional attachment to an issue, as most of my positions are based on hard-nosed facts and sensible logic. However, with the issue of medical marijuana — where I differ from most (not all) of my fellow …

Let the Facts Speak: The First Economic Stimulus Isn’t Working

Brian Bilbray Brian Bilbray 2 Comments

In February of this year, the President signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (H.R. 1), also known as the stimulus bill, allocating $787 billion to create jobs and to stimulate the economy. Today, according to the State of California’s Employment Development Department, San Diego County is facing the highest unemployment rate in recent history: 10.2 percent. Statewide unemployment in the Golden State has risen to 12.2 percent, and this number is projected to increase.