Why No Comments Allowed On Publisher’s Christmas Message?

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  If you missed yesterday’s post about Papa Doug’s front-page Christmas message in The San Diego Union-Tribune by Erica Holloway click here. And then check out this related post that national media critic and aggregator Jim Romenesko just tweeted: » Why no comments allowed on publisher’s Christmas message? | JIMROMENESKO.COM

Weekend Reading: Voice layoffs, Fletcher tops poll, Schools on the brink, Public pensions too high and Newt under attack

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Your weekend news aggregator: Local Most of the local Twitter chatter on Friday was about the Voice of San Diego laying off nearly a third of its staff. Four people were let go, proving yet again that no one has figured out what a sustainable business model for local journalism looks like. A new and very unscientific San Diego Mayoral Albondigas …

Union-Tribune reporters won’t cheer for a new Chargers stadium

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Amid criticism of newspaper’s pro-stadium stance, new owners assure reporters they won’t be stadium advocates Turns out, The San Diego Union-Tribune is not going to serve as a unabashed supporter of a new Chargers stadium. The newspaper’s new ownership, hotelier Papa Doug Manchester and former local radio executive John Lynch, have been sharply criticized almost since the sale was announced last …

Doug Manchester Interested In SDUT Purchase: VOSD Report

Bradley J. Fikes Bradley J. Fikes 15 Comments

UPDATE: Credit Where Due Dept: Don Bauder of the San Diego Reader discussed the rumor that Manchester was buying the U-T in a Sept. 29 blog post. Bauder properly called it a “strictly a rumor”, but one worth reporting. I think that was the proper way to handle it. The rumor was widely given credence by local insiders, and journalists …

HELP WANTED: Media Coach for GOP

Erica Holloway Erica Holloway 3 Comments

The GOP doesn’t get the media and really, the feeling seems mutual. So listen up, there’s an elephant in the room and he doesn’t know how to look good on TV. During the State of the Union Address last night, I watched the speeches as if I were critiquing and assessing candidates of my own. Overall, the Democrats and Republicans …

A New Voice In SD Rostra

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Infiltration alert! A certified member of the mainstream media has entered SD Rostra’s inner sanctum. That would be me, Bradley J. Fikes, a staff writer with the North County Times.  While the opinions I express here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the NCT management, I’m happy to help SD Rostra readers decipher what’s going on …