Are they ignorant racists or do they want us to believe their lie?

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Critics smear GOP star Mia Love as an ‘Aunt Tom’…

When I see such ignorant comments as in the article linked above I get angry, but then as I start to calm down it dawns on me that those on the left making the comments are the real bigots … or they are trying to influence voters with another lie. They apparently have a stereotype of what a black or Hispanic (or fill in the blank with any non-white group) should be and believe. If a person doesn’t follow the stereotype, the left decides to call names.

As far as I’m concern, we’re all individuals and can decide on our own what we believe. I don’t have any preconceived ideas of what any certain group of people should believe. So, my liberal friends, do you really believe this ignorant stuff? If not, why not get vocal and question it? Show people that you believe in the individuality of the person. What are you afraid of?

Either those on the left making these statements are ignorant racists or they are part of a bigger plan to discredit those who oppose them with the belief that if they repeat the lie enough, people will buy it. If that is the case, we all lose, especially if it results in inferior choices by voters.


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  1. I have been following Mia, after seeing an interview with her months ago. I wish she was running for congress in California!

    She is inspiring!

  2. Republicans are demonized even though they are ones that introduced the civil rights act. The Democrats have somehow hijacked this through education. Frustrating for sure. BUT we are winning when all they can do is call us names.

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