Final Day from RNC: Nehring on Eastwood and Rubio, Holloway analyzes the Romney bounce and shares her Occupy Tampa swag

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A pretty-much-says-it tweet from former State Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring last night: If Clint Eastwood wants to talk to a chair, he gets to talk to a chair.

Also, Nehring writes on his blog, “Sen. Rubio’s powerful words about America, immigrants and why people come here”

To me, the most powerful words spoken at the Republican National Convention came from Sen. Marco Rubio when he said the Democrats’ agenda represents “ideas people come to America to get away from.”

My parents came to Americas as German immigrants in 1961.  During his six years as a sailor in the German merchant marines, my father visited America and many other countries.  After marrying my mother he decided that it was America, not Germany, that offered the freedom he sought.  Europe, he believed, offered too much government and too few opportunities.

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Erica Holloway, SD Rostra blogger at the convention writing for BlogHer,  with “Can Romney’s Convention Bounce Last Until November?”…

The Republican National Convention in Tampa “bounced” Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney six points in the polls leading President Obama heading into next week’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Though convention bounces tend to subside especially quickly when the opposition follows with its own convention, running so close to an incumbent signifies a weakened current administration in the minds of Americans.

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On Facebook, Erica also shared the contents of her Occupy Tampa backpack…


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  1. What’s the opposite of a “bounce?” Bunce? Ricochet? Thud? It’s what happens to a hardball when you throw it and it just sticks like goo to what you aimed at or comes off in the wrong direction? Maybe there’s an answer in one of those old Batman TV things.

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